Monday, August 19, 2013

Sentencing Update - No Change So Far

Wednesday, August 21st - No Change So Far

I just wanted to let everyone know that as of today, there still is no change to the publicly posted schedule. According to the clerk, the sentencing is still scheduled for August 26th, at 9am. There are currently no hearings scheduled for this week. I'll post here if there are any changes.

I can't guarantee that I'll check every day, but when I DO check, I always update the "Date Last Checked" line on the "ayres' Court Dates" tab above. I normally check right around noon.

If anyone hears otherwise, please email or comment here, so that we can check and post an update.

william hamilton ayres was arrested on April 5, 2007 on charges relating to his molestation of many young boys while he was alleging to provide psychiatric care to private patients as well as referrals for evaluation from the juvenile court system in San Mateo County. After years of  playing demented for the courts, ayres plead "No Contest" and was found guilty of all charges against him on May 16, 2013. ayres had his bail revoked on August 7th, and is in San Mateo County Jail awaiting sentencing. ayres is currently under the conservatorship of his daughter Barbara Ayres of Sacramento, CA

ayres has had significant interaction over the years with local politicians on boards like the "Children and Families First Commission,"  including the DA who was serving when prosecution began Jim Fox and Assemblyman Rich Gordon. In fact, Gordon nominated ayres for a lifetime achievement award for his "Tireless effort to improve the lives of children." ayres has also been vocally supported during his criminal trial by local head-shrinkers like Bart BlinderEtta BryantMel BlausteinHarry CorenTom CieslaRobert KimmichLarry LurieMaria LymberisRichard ShadoanCaptane Thomson, and Harold Wallach.


  1. Is it true Ayres is in protective custody?

    To M. S., who spent some time at the Redwood City jail four years ago during the first Ayres trial: I hope that you are smiling down from heaven.

    Divine retribution, no?

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated, Deep.

    Former San Mateo DA Jim Fox: how come you have NEVER responded in the last two years to a former juvenile who was under your ward back in the 1960's at Hillcrest?

    Your former ward was molested by Ayres when you were at Hillcrest. He wrote you about this in 2011 but you NEVER responded. Don't you think it would be the decent and caring thing to do, to respond to his letters and emails JUST ONCE? Or has the fact that you associated with Ayres at Hillcrest somehow hampered your ability to respond to a person you once supposedly cared about?

  3. The DA has been known to start early in order to avoid making the proceedings public.

    * * *

    How early would you advise people to show up on the day the pedophile will be sentenced?

    1. Get there at 8:00 AM.

    2. 8am is good.

      Primarily, the advice related to earlier hearings. When they were going to concede that ayres was "incompetent," They moved a few times earlier than was scheduled.

      Notably, on the day that the DA entered their concession into the public record, they did so fifteen or twenty minutes earlier than scheduled. Supervisor Pine and the press had confirmed the time with the DA the day before, and when they showed up at the scheduled time, (Judge's calendar still showed that time...) the hearing had already finished. Fortunately, we had several observers there EARLY to learn of this result.

      The next day, there was a news story about the "suspicious" move in time. In later hearings, the prosecutor, Judge, and defense attorney all had a little sarcastic chuckle about waiting a few minutes to get started, as it appeared to be an "issue."

      Since then, I don't think it's happened, and Judge Freeman has been pretty no-nonsense, and has made it clear that the day will be set aside for victim statements. I don't expect that they will fudge with things this time. I'd still recommend getting there early.

    3. I believe it was Judge Grandsaert who engaged in the sarcastic chuckle with the defense and prosecutor about being on time.

      It appears that Grandsaert also worked on juvenile cases when he was a prosecutor.

      So Grandsaert and Foiles worked on juvenile cases as prosecutors. There is at least one case involving a juvenile who was tried as an adult who was sent to Ayres by Foiles and his defense attorney. That juvenile was sexually assaulted.

      Why didn't San Mateo County recuse itself from the Forrest case and not the Ayres case?

      Marta Diaz as a prosecutor sent boys to Ayres (Ayres testified that she did in a deposition, which refutes DA's Wagstaffe's glib and bogus comment that the DA's office never used Ayres). Diaz then told the attorney for a juvenile circa 1991 that Ayres couldn't have molested his client as she "knew" him and was sending boys to him. Then she sent boys to him as a juvenile judge and then tried to get the police to stop investigating him in 2002. Then she sent boys to him for another 15 months. A 24 year old former juvenile, now serving a very long prison sentence, says that Diaz sent him to Ayres and he was molested.

      A lot of juveniles who were assaulted will NEVER go to the DA's office.

    4. Yep. Grandsaert was the judge for the competency matter.

  4. Yes, there's a change: Mcdougall now saying Ayres is mentally incompetent:

  5. As usual, Wagstaffe doesn't sound particularly concerned or outraged.