Friday, August 10, 2012

Robert Andre Kimmich: dead ayres supporter

Heartless Coward: Deleted November 7, 2011
Buh bye, now. Satan will enjoy your services in Hell.

We recently received a comment from an astute reader who noted that Robert Andre Kimmich, a San Francisco head-shrinker had died last year (pdf).

Kimmich, who allegedly had an epic career in head-shrinkery, and had done lots of fantastic shrinky things for the local community, also had a major and insurmountable character flaw: He was an adamant supporter of child molester william hamilton ayres.

Kimmich was a co-signator of a letter pleading for cash for ayres to fight the charges against him during the criminal trial. The letter went out to the psychiatric community at large. Note that the obit mentions that Kimmich and "Dr." Mel Blaustein worked together on Golden Gate Bridge suicide issues. Blaustein was yet another sycophant head-shrinker who signed the ayres letter pleading for cash. Maybe these two assholes could have served society better by not contributing to the additional, ongoing psychiatric harm that ayres' victims suffer by stuffing a sock in their putrid pie-holes.

Further, Kimmich was one of the two "very good friends" of child molester ayres who was videotaped lunching with ayres just before the San Mateo County DA conceded that ayres was not competent to defend himself against criminal molestation charges. Topics of discussion included how useful it is to talk about Alzheimer's in front of your attorney.

Much like the Sandusky / Paterno case: reputation seems to be the key issue in cases like this, once the evil gets under your skin, it's hard to get rid of it without admitting failure and guilt. Rather than risking a reputational hit, weak people refuse to see the evil.

Apparently, Kimmich took the evil to his grave with him, bringing a pale blush to any good that he might have done.

Shame on you Kimmich, and good riddance.


  1. I read some of Kimmich's obituary comments and again some of his former patients said he was more like a "friend" flag and some even said he is in their dreams. The guy was 90 years old. Crossing the line to a "friend" in shrinkery is not good......

    Good post Deep Sounding.

    1. Thanks for pointing this out. Admittedly, I haven't read the comments (yet), and YES that is definitely a HUGE red flag.

      If I were shopping for a shrink and found comments like that, I would AVOID with all due haste.

  2. Not surprising. Hitler had his enablers, too.

    Psychopaths (who are always narcissists at their core) usually have no friends, but they are often economically, politically, and socially well-connected. They almost always have enablers who willingly act on their behalf to discredit and isolate their (usually less well-connected) target(s). That's how bullies operate. I think their enablers are just as bad. But stand up to them and you'll get crushed. Moreover, I think Americans very much identify with people who are in positions of power. Unfortunately, psychopaths are attracted, feel entitled, and get in, to such positions and they're almost impossible to spot before they've harmed you. Not hard to see why psychopaths often do not face the consequences of their crimes.

    Are any (APA-licensed or otherwise) head shrinkers anything but time-wasters and/or frauds?

    These particular people are absolute losers.