Friday, August 8, 2008

Dr. Etta Bryant defends Child Molester ayres

Here is an interesting letter posted to the Oakland Tribune in May 3, 2006 by (presumably) Dr. Etta Bryant, defending William Ayres. This was posted AFTER a cival lawsuit against Ayres, which was settled and sealed, but BEFORE his criminal arrest.

I've copied it below in case they delete it:

I AM APPALLED at the harsh and damaging tone of your front-page article (Wednesday, April 26) regarding one of this county's most prominent physicians and citizens, Dr. William Ayres.

As a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist in the San Mateo County community for 32 years, I feel compelled to respond. I have known Dr. Ayres personally for over 40 years. His moral substance is impeccable.

I have had the privilege of being taught by him in my child psychiatric residency training, as have many generations of child and adolescent psychiatrists in the Bay Area and across the country.

Related Results As a colleague for over 30 years, I know his superb clinical work with disturbed and troubled adolescents. He has been a relentless advocate for excellence in all psychiatric services for children and youth, nationwide. He holds himself to those highest standards.

Dr. Ayres cannot respond to your article, but I can. Not only is he unable to respond for legal reasons, but basic tenets of psychiatric medical practice prohibit the violation of confidentiality between doctor and patient (i.e., disclosing the content of an office visit, examination, or therapy session).

So while each of the men quoted in your article reported that Dr. Ayres examined their genitalia, only one of them mentioned that it was one part of a physical examination, and a portion of the initial psychiatric and neurologic evaluation. Dr. Ayres taught and practiced in those years with the precept "You are a physician first, and a psychiatrist second."

Many child psychiatrists did perform, at that time, complete physical exams as part of the initial evaluation of their patients In fact, some child psychiatrists had their initial training in pediatrics, as did Dr. Ayres.

There are many, many adults in our community who were helped in their adolescent years by Dr. William Ayres.

These individuals may not speak up because of the stigma associated (still) with receiving psychiatric care.

I deeply regret that a more balanced account of this tragic story was not presented in your article.

Etta C. Bryant, M.D.

San Mateo


  1. The prominent child psychiatrist who knows both Dr.Etta Bryant and Dr. William Hamilton Ayres says that Dr. Bryant is a malleable, meek, and aneasily intimidated woman (just like Solveig Ayres). We have no doubt that Dr. Ayres dictated that letter she wrote.

  2. Etta Bryant is as you say meek. She lives in the hills of San Mateo in a modest house with a swimming pool. Her husband was some sort of doctor with the last name "Richenbach". He passed away many years ago. She is of the same age group as Ayres. He Mazda mini van is seen parked in front of Ayres rented condo. If she is so close to him, why didn't she go to court to hold Solveig's hand. Currently, she is still in practice in San Mateo in Borel Square. Perhaps it would be bad for business, but wouldn't a true friend who admires you show up for support in court? Too humiliating I suppose.

  3. We hear that Dr. Bryant became aware of accusations about Dr. Ayres before he was arrested.

    Does anyone know whether she ever reported Ayres to the police ?

  4. Doubtful that Etta Colish Bryant reported Ayres, especially since she has written a letter defending him. Continues to visit him. I persinally say boycott Etta Bryant and any doctor who was involved in the cover-up. The Peninsula Psychiatric Associates used to have weekly meetings at Etta's old office at 448 N. San Mateo Dr. These were the meeting where Ayres explained away his examinations of littel boys. The let us not forgwet he sued his own medical group. But none the less Etta defends him. She is a sick psychiatrist. BOYCOTT!

  5. Anonymous poster #2. You mention that Etta Bryant's husband was Dr. Richenbach. If so, he was a pediatrician who was partners with Ayres' groupie and supporter Dr. Sam Leavitt. One of the earliest known Ayres victims was a patient of Dr. Richenbach, who recommended that the boy see Ayres.

    Wonder if Dr. Leavitt ever told his partner Richenbach that the dad of two Ayres victims told him Ayres had touched his sons and shown them anatomical drawings ? And if so, did Richenbach ever tell his wife Etta Bryant ? What on earth were all of these pediatricians and psychiatrists thinking when they heard Ayres was giving physicals to the boys ? The pediatricians had just examined the boys themselves and found nothing wrong with them.

    Either Richenbach, Bryant and both Leavitts knew something was wrong and turned a blind eye, or they are the dumbest bunch of sheep I have ever seen.

  6. Or maybe they were all willing participants. Till the soil, sew the seeds, reap the crop.