Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Howard Wallach: Dead ayres supporter; Also: New Hearing

NOTE: New Hearing Scheduled for May 9, 2013 - See Below

Howard Wallach
Heartless Coward: Deleted April 1, 2013
Buh bye, now. Satan will enjoy your services in Hell.

Howard Frederic Wallach, head-shrinker and past president of the California Psychiatric Association, kicked the bucket on April 1, 2013.

Wallach, lauded for his many super-great skills like running a hotel and being a shrink, as well as volunteering for stuff and liking to play golf and bridge, was a true April Fool; he had a major and insurmountable character flaw: He was an adamant supporter of child molester william hamilton ayres.

Wallach was a co-signator of a letter pleading for cash for ayres to fight the charges against him during the criminal trial. The letter went out to the psychiatric community at large, and when some members complained to the Northern California Psychiatric Society, they were reported to have sent out a "rather tepid email to the membership, disassociating the organization from this letter."

You can read his Obit here (pdf) and another in the "Newsletter of the Southern California Psychiatric Society" (pdf)  Note that Captane Thomson and Maria Lymbris, two other idiot shrinks who signed the ayres pleading letter, each wrote brief tributes for Wallach.

Much like the Sandusky / Paterno case: reputation seems to be the key issue in cases like this, once the evil gets under your skin, it's hard to get rid of it without admitting failure and guilt. Rather than risking a reputational hit, weak people refuse to see the evil, and instead make the poor choice to exacerbate the problem by offering their support to the perpetrator.

Shame on you Wallach , and good riddance.


There is another hearing scheduled for the ayres criminal matter before the (scheduled) start of trial.

Hearing on May 9, 2013 to hear "Motions."  Topic is unknown.

william hamilton ayres was arrested on April 5, 2007 on charges relating to his molestation of many young boys while he was alleging to provide psychiatric care to private patients as well as referrals for evaluation from the juvenile court system in San Mateo County. ayres has been delaying his way through the system free from custody until this latest gambit to skirt prosecution by playing demented for the courts. ayres is currently under the conservatorship of his daughter Barbara Ayres of Sacramento, CA

ayres has had significant interaction over the years with local politicians on boards like the "Children and Families First Commission,"  including the DA who was serving when prosecution began Jim Fox and Assemblyman Rich Gordon. In fact, Gordon nominated ayres for a lifetime achievement award for his "Tireless effort to improve the lives of children." ayres has also been vocally supported during his criminal trial by local head-shrinkers like Bart BlinderEtta BryantMel BlausteinHarry CorenTom CieslaRobert KimmichLarry LurieMaria LymberisRichard ShadoanCaptane Thomson, and Harold Wallach.


  1. Robert Kimmich, another signer of the letter asking for cash, died three months after beings caught by private investigators having a lively lunch with a lucid Ayres in August, 2011.


  2. Seems the evil bastard is going to outlive his friends.
    On the one hand I hope so so that he can be convicted but on the other hand.....It wouldn't mruin my day to here of his obit.

  3. Hey, Deep-

    Apparently a THIRD prosecutor has been added to the Ayres case: Peter Lynch. He has been a prosecutor in the San Mateo DA's office since 1987. He is currently in charge of training and evaluation. Is he there to make sure Mckowan doesn't commit any ethical violations that would result in more misconduct by the California Bar?

  4. Meant to say: "that would result in more DISCIPLINE by the California Bar."

  5. Is Ayres' lawyer going to make this case all about the prosecutor and the multiple lies she has made about evidence and witnesses?

    Something tells me he will.