Saturday, September 1, 2012

Victims Advocate Michael G Stogner:

New Video From Michael G. Stogner

Michael G. Stogner, local victims' advocate, political aspirant,  and longtime supporter of the victims and families of the victims of child molester william hamilton ayres, has published a new video statement about the conflict of interest that San Mateo County has in the effective prosecution of the child molester ayres.

On a related note:

In January of 2002, child molester william hamilton ayres was awarded a lifetime achievement award in San Mateo County for his "Tireless effort to improve the lives of children;" nominated by longtime local politician Assemblyman Rich Gordon -- who has repeatedly refused requests to urge the current Board of Supervisors to rescind the award.

The following were Board of Supervisors Members when the child molester's nomination was approved: 

Mark Church - Currently the Assessor County Clerk-Recorder & Chief Elections Officer for San Mateo County

Richard S. Gordon - Currently a California Assemblyman.

Jerry Hill - Currently a California Assemblyman and  "Democratic Caucus Chair" 

Rose Jacobs Gibson - currently serving on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors 

Michael D. Nevin - Currently Executive Director of the Service League of San Mateo County*

County Manager: John Maltbie - still serving as County Manager 

County Counsel: Tom Casey - Retired from County Counsel position in 2007. 

ayres' lifetime achievement award was for his "service" on the Children and Families First Commission:
At the time, other members serving on the Commission with child molester ayres were: Maureen Borland, Patricia Bresee (who has supported ayres' victims publicly), Jim Fox (yes... that's San Mateo County District Attorney Jim Fox) Floyd Gonella, Richard Gordon, Christine Kennedy, Amy Liew, and Margaret Taylor.

*A brief note about the "Service League of San Mateo County" - Here are some of the people currently serving on the Service League:

Executive Director:
Mike Nevin

Board of Directors:
Kirsten Keith - San Mateo County Private Defender Program
Steve Wagstaffe - District Attorney
Mark Church - Clerk/Recorder San Mateo County
James Fox - Former Sheriff / Former District Attorney
Rose Jacobs Gibson - Board of Supervisors
Jerry Hill - Assemblymember District 19


  1. Fox was working as a counselor at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall and attending law school in the 1960''s. He graduated from law school in 1966. That same year, one of his young clients at Hillcrest was molested by Ayres. The victim was referred to Ayres through the courts -- not by Fox. Fox may have informally recommended that boys be treated by Ayres but he would not have been had the official authority to
    refer them to Ayres. There is s high probability that
    Fox had discussions with Ayres about the juveniles.

  2. What is callous and monstrous is that in recent years, the juvenile who was molested at Hillcrest in 1966 by Ayres has had some cordial contact with Fox.

    However, last December, when the former juvenile learned that Ayres had been arrested, he emailed Fox several times to say he had been a victim.

    That was nine months ago and Fox has never
    responded. He never reached out to the victim.

    For Fox not to respond to the victim is cowardly
    and shameful.

    1. I have my opinons about why the people in this case do as they do but this post also points up something of how medical people act around mistakes and incompetence.
      The link is a website that may explainto you why your doctor is not helpoing you or something else that seems odd about your care. It will if all is well scare the crap out of you. I've seen every asepct except the sex crimes, assaults, and rape it speaks of as being denied by people protecting something that has nothing to do with medicine.

  3. We all make mistakes Service League of San Mateo County has James Fox listed as former Sheriff which he was not, that was Don Horsley who was our former Sheriff. James P. Fox was our former District Attorney for 28 years.

    Note 4 out of 5 Supervisors are members of Service League of San Mateo County yet they do not disclose that on their county website.

    Michael G. Stogner

    1. Yeah, I thought that was odd about Fox, but that's how it's listed on the Service League Page. Maybe that's how he lists it on his "Fantasy Sheriff's League"