ayres' Court Dates

These are the upcoming court dates associated with the civil and criminal cases against william hamilton ayres. For a list of prior court dates, click here.

Case: Criminal Molestation Case

On August 26, 2013 ayres was sentenced to 8 years in state prison.

On October 30, 2013 ayres filed an appeal of his plea before the 60 day limit expired. 

Case Number: SC064366    Court Clerk Phone: 650-363-4302 - Press 1, 1
Date Last Checked: April 2, 2014 - Appeal of no-contest plea is in progress.

ayres filed an appeal of his plea on October 30,2013, which is currently in progress. It could be 6 months to a year before any decisions are made.

Appeals can be searched here: District 1 Appeals. The appeal number is A140132

Current status shows that the original "Appellant's opening brief" due date has come and gone, and is now reset to March 4, 2014. Docket notes say that on 2/16/2014: "E-mail sent to Wendy Bauer/FDAP> Is appellant appointable? FDAP needs more time to get financial information."

Status for March 5, 2014 shows: "3/05/2014 Note: Email to Wendy Bauer/FDAP regarding appointment order."  Further, the "Opening Brief filing due date is now rescheduled (for the second time) for 3/20/2014. So far no new documents are posted.

Status for March 22, 2014 shows: Opening Brief filing due date is now rescheduled (for the third time) for 3/24/2014. So far no new documents are posted.

Status for March 26, 2014 shows: Opening Brief filing due date is now rescheduled (for the fourth time) for 4/11/2014. So far, no new documents are posted. The comment "3/05/2014 Note: Email to Wendy Bauer/FDAP regarding appointment order." has been removed from the status page.

Status check on April 2, 2014 shows: Opening Brief filing due date is now rescheduled (for the fifth time) for 5/12/2014. So far, no new documents are posted. The comment "3/05/2014 Note: Email to Wendy Bauer/FDAP regarding appointment order." has been removed from the status page

Case: Civil Lawsuits
Status: Multiple. See Notes, Below
Case Number: Multiple: email deepsounding@gmail.com if you want the case numbers
Date Last Checked: February 21, 2014 - Several Updates, Read Below for brief and links.

Note that one of the stayed cases has been reactivated -- see list below.

Each of these cases are filed by "anonymous" plaintiffs against an anonymous defendant. If you look at the online data, you will not see the names of the victims or of ayres.

The 5 known civil molestation cases were stayed pending outcome of the criminal proceedings. The stay has been lifted for three of the cases.

A wrongful death suit related to a deceased ayres victim has been added.

Here are links to the court pages for the six currently known lawsuits:
 (You'll have to click the link three times to make it work, the Court webpage is a mess...)

CIV520103 -  Trial Date Set, Settlement Conf: 11/5/2014, Trial: 11/17/2014 

CIV492658  - Trial Date Set, Settlement Conf: 1/13/2015, Trial: 1/26/2015

CIV467273, - Stayed

CIV467743, - Settled


CIV467742  - Dismissed (Plaintiff deceased) 

Case: Conservatorship
Status: Nothing Scheduled 
Case Number:  PRO122027
Date Last Checked: November 13, 2012 - No known change.

ayres is now the conservatee of his daughter Barbara Ayres of Sacramento. The court hearings now appear to be completed.

For information about the Probate case concerning the ayres conservatorship, call the court at 650-363-4711,  and reference case number PRO122027For access to online court information about this case click here,  you may have to re-click up to three times to get the actual page to open.


For criminal case info, call the court at  650-363-4302. Once the message starts playing, press 1, then 1, then 2. This should take you to the clerk for "unlimited criminal cases at the Redwood City courthouse.  Ask for the upcoming calendar items for case number SC064366

If you're planning to attend a hearing, they are at the Southern Branch, Hall of Justice and Records, 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA unless otherwise noted here. After you go in the main entrance, there are electronic boards that show case number, and case by last name that will direct you to the correct courtroom. All dates posted here are open to the public unless otherwise noted. If asked why you're there (you probably WON'T be), you can simply state that you are an "observer." 

Links: If you click on the case numbers listed here to go to the San Mateo Court pages, you will probably have to re-click the links two more times, as their page doesn't seem to open correctly from direct link until the third time you try to open the link. 

There is a Google calendar set up with these dates. Click on the calendar below to get to the calendar. You can subscribe if you want, and receive alerts prior to court dates: