Missed Trial Dates

To help the press, who keep stating that the trial was delayed once, or twice, here's the list of assigned (and missed) trial dates. (17 trial dates have been missed, 6 criminal, 5 competency, and 6 civil.)  1 sentencing date has been missed:

March 10, 2008 (Criminal - Missed):
First trial date. Set after pleading "Not Guilty"
Article in San Mateo Daily Journal

June 23, 2008 (Criminal - Missed):
March date was missed so that ayres could treat his alleged prostate cancer. Also during this time Judge Runde recused himself from the case citing "antipathy to counsel."
Article in San Mateo Daily Journal

January 5, 2009 (Criminal - Missed):
Questions about the Search Warrant resulted in the June 2008 trial date being vacated. Validity of warrant was upheld and the January date was set.
Article about vacated date in San Mateo Daily Journal
Article about new date in San Mateo Daily Journal

May 11, 2009 (Criminal - Missed):
Weinberg was pulling his usual delay tactics in the Spector trial, and was a poor judge of when he could start the ayres trial, resulting in a missed January 2009 date.
Article in San Mateo Daily Journal

June 1, 2009 (Not Missed- Criminal Trial):
Weinberg couldn't pull his act together after botching the Spector trial, and needed more time to pretend to prepare, resulting in the missed May 2009 trial date. Ultimately, the new June 1, 2009 trial date stuck, and it ended in a hung jury on July 27, 2009.
Article in San Mateo Daily Journal

April 12, 2010 (Criminal Re-Trial - Missed):
This was the date scheduled for retrial. The Third hearing to try to set a retrial date was October 9, 2009, and resulted in the selection of an April 12, 2010 re-trial date.Article in San Mateo Daily Journal
Article in Mercury News
Detailed Article in this blog.

This trial date is now officially another missed trial date, as the date was vacated due to pending mental competency evaluation brought by ayres' new attorney Jonathan McDougall. 
Article in San Mateo Daily Journal 
Article in The Oakland Tribune

After all evaluating doctors unanimously found ayres to be competent to stand trial, ayres' attorney Jonathan McDougall requested a jury trial to determine ayres' competency, further delaying proceedings.
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09/13/2010 Civil Jury Trial - Vacated
10/04/2010 Civil Jury Trial - Vacated
10/18/2010 Civil Jury Trial - Vacated
11/01/2010 Civil Jury Trial - Vacated
Four civil suits against ayres relating to his molestation of young boys were scheduled for trial, in the last quarter of 2010, but due to the interruptions brought on by ayres' competency trial delay tactics, these four trials were vacated pending outcome of the criminal re-trial. In the interim, another civil lawsuit was brought to our attention. All five of these civil suits are now stayed, awaiting outcome of the situation. One of the five plaintiff's has since died.

October 4, 2010 (Competency Trial - Missed):
The October 4, 2010 Competency Trial was continued to January 10th, 2011. 
Apparently, this time the beast's asshat attorney, Jonathan McDougall, really, really, REALLY believes that ayres has dementia or Alzheimer's or something, and he needs to have really REAL tests done. Good thing McDougall waited until just before the competency trial to realize this, otherwise they might have had the really REAL testing done by the time of the already scheduled trial and could have continued without delay. At least the judge has promised that this will be the LAST delay. For Reals.

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January 10, 2011 (Competency Trial - Missed):
The January 10, 2011 Competency Trial was continued to February 18th, 2011.
One of the original doctors who evaluated ayres and found him competent changed her story in the 11th hour. So much for the last delay being the LAST delay (again). Judge Grandsaert, who will be presiding over the competency trial has asked for a third report, and the trial will continue after the new report is due back.

Article HERE.

February 18, 2011 (Competency Trial - Missed):
The February 18th date was continued to June 6th, 2011.
The doctor's report back came late as is customary, and after some wrangling and more delays, the June 6th Trial date was set. Ultimately the June 6th Competency Trial stuck, and was held. It ended in mistrial on Friday June 17th. There is a competency re-trial scheduled for August 22, 2011, but the DA has given some indication that there may be some change in strategy, and has held at least two status conferences in the interim without any indication as to what those changes may be.

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August 22, 2011 (Competency Re-Trial - Missed):

On August 22nd, 2011, Deputy DA McKowan stipulated that the child molester william hamilton ayres is incompetent to defend himself in criminal charges against him.

The judge indicated that both prosecution and defense should submit reports, and that the Golden Gate Regional Center will issue a recommendation report by August 30, 2011.  On September 7th, 2011, there will be a hearing at 9am to determine placement in a state hospital OR OTHERWISE, as ordered by the judge.

October 1, 2012 (Competency Hearing - Missed):

On October 1, 2012 A "Competency Hearing" -- a trial in front of the judge with no jury -- was scheduled to take place to make a determination on the certification of william ayres as COMPETENT after Napa State Hospital staff reported that ayres has never been incompetent, and that he is malingering, deceiving authorities to avoid re-trial for his crimes. The defense has rejected this claim, and therefore a hearing is required to settle the matter. The hearing is was re-scheduled for October 26, 2012.

October 26, 2012 (Not Missed- Competency Hearing):

Napa State finds that ayres is competent to defend himself at trial. The judge indicates that he feels that ayres is competent and at the very least deliberately exaggerating his symptoms.  Further, Judge Grandsaert stated that he was concerned about the defendant’s willingness to return to court at this point. He noted that ayres made suicide statements while at Napa, and that Dr. McIlnay reported that ayres asked him to just “let me go” so that he could go hide somewhere with his wife. Grandsaert said that he feels that ayres has a different motivation now than he did before (suicide, fleeing from the law, generally avoiding prosecution, etc...) , and so he set bail at $900K. 

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March 11, 2013 (Criminal Re-Trial - missed):

On March 5, 2013 the defense asked for a continuance of the re-trial date, but due to improperly filed paperwork and the absence of the defendant, the trial was not yet "officially" re-scheduled, but was "tentatively" rescheduled  for May 13, 2013.  On March 11, 2013, the scheduled date of trial, the defendant presented himself in court, and the re-trial was officially set for May 13, 2013. Expect further delays.
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April 22, 2013 (Civil Jury Trial - missed)
On April 9, 2013 one of the known civil lawsuits against ayres for relating to his molestation of patients was continued, again pending outcome of the "upcoming" criminal trial. Yet another missed trial date. Newly scheduled date was set for July 22, 2013.

May 13, 2013 (Not Missed - Criminal Re-Trial):
On May 13, 2013 the criminal trial started on time, motions were heard, and jury selection was underway. On the fourth day of trial, ayres plead "No Contest" to all eight remaining charges, and the judge found him "Guilty" on all counts. Sentencing is scheduled for August 6, 2013. Meanwhile, ayres is out on bail.
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July 22, 2013 (Civil Jury Trial - missed)
According to court logs, the rescheduled court date has been re-scheduled again. For currently unknown reasons, the July 22, 2013 court date has now been continued to September 3, 2013.

August 6, 2013 (Sentencing Date -  Missed):
On August 6, 2013 ayres was not sentenced as scheduled, due to delays in probation report, and availability of Judge Freeman. Hearing to reset sentencing date was set for August 7, 2013 in front of another judge. ayres was finally carted off to lockup on the 7th, and sentencing was set for August 26th.

August 26, 2013 (Sentencing Date - Not Missed):
On August 26, 2013 ayres was sentenced to 8 years in prison for each of the 8 charges. Judge Freeman was very lenient and ran the sentences concurrently
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