Friday, February 18, 2011

Competency Hearing Delayed Again

Competency Hearing: Update:
Friday, February 18, 2011 :

The hearing to review the report from the third doctor evaluating william hamilton ayres' competence to assist in his own defense at trial has been held over.

The hearing is delayed until Friday, March 4th at 8:45am.

Snippets of conversation overheard seem to indicate that it's possible that the doctor needs more  time to complete the report, and that there were scheduling conflicts with McDougall's other ongoing trial with defendant Robert Youshock.

Let's see if the press is persistant on this one... There should be some nuggets of information to find....

Donnelly Nelson Depolo & Murray: You are not welcomed here. Why don't you drop your pervert client and stop making life more difficult for those he has hurt. Do you not have families? How do you sleep at night, knowing the very real damage you are doing to other human beings? Piss-off, turds!


  1. Major, major BS! I am so glad about the lawsuit filed against the DA's office.

    To bad one could not be filed in this instance.

  2. Some people have already contacted the California Attorney General's office and requested that the case be tried outside San Mateo County and that the Justice Department try the case. Too much confict of interest in San Mateo County and the DA's office, and plus, they've done a lousy job.

    Another avenue that some disgruntled parents and victims have taken is to file a complaint with the California Bar:

  3. Perhaps someone should start a petition to have the case removed from San Mateo County and taken over by the Attorney General's office.

    I for one don't want the Ayres case tried by a DA's office that is being investigated by the FBI.

  4. Hey Deep-
    Doron Weinberg whines about your blog on Law Technology News: "Barry Bonds Trial May Test Tweeting Jurors"

    In the story, Weinberg says he thinks jurors read stories on the internet and wants to try to prevent it. Excerpt:

    "Weinberg sees a big difference between internet postings and the traditional news stories a juror might have seen in the paper or on TV: accuracy.

    During Phil Spector's trial, Weinberg said, one blogger seemed to be "planting" damaging material online -- such as information about an alleged confession -- at critical junctures. And when he represented Dr. William Ayres in a child molestation case in San Mateo, he grew concerned that jurors were reading "vicious" blog posts by the families of Ayres' alleged victims.

    While he was not able to prove juror misconduct in either case, he said the problems prompted him to bring it up with members of the bench and the bar and at the Northern District's conference last year, and to the Bonds defense team."


    What a load of crock. It wasn't the jurors who were reading the blog- it was Weinberg and prosecutor Mckowan who were hitting this blog every few minutes. Despite Mckowan claiming six months after the trial on this blog that she "NEVER" reads the blog, during the trial she told a mother of a victim that she was so upset by the blog that her husband moved the computer out of their bedroom.

    And during jury deliberations, in a hallway outside the courtroom, Mrs. Weinberg walked up to victims advocate Michael Stogner and asked him if he were "Deep Sounding." Stogner said he was not. But then Mrs. Weinberg launched into a tirade about how this blog had said that they lived in Berkeley, when in fact they lived in Piedmont.

    I spoke to several jurors after the trial, and they weren't aware of the blog's existence.

    Sounds like sour grapes to me on the part of Weinberg - particularly in the Phil Spector trial. He just can't accept that he lost that case.

  5. There's another disturbing story that has to do with this blog.

    During the criminal trial of william ayres in 2009, prosecutor Melissa Mckowan accused a mother of a victim who had testified at the trial of feeding information from the San Mateo District Attorney's office to this blog. The mother reports that Mckowan said to her in a bullying, intimidating manner, "Every time I talk to you in confidence about the Ayres case, the information ends up in the Ayres blog. I have evidence that you did this and I am keeping files on you back in my office."

    The mother of the victim- already under emotional distress from having testified as well as her son- was shocked by the prosecutor's bizarre and false accusation. As a contributor to this blog, I can say that this mother never ever contributed a single piece of information to this blog during the Ayres trial. We didn't even know her.

    The question is: why did Mckowan make up such a bizarre accusation? And why was she even thinking along these lines when her entire focus should have been on nailing Ayres?

    The mother reports that she was too intimidated and frightened to speak up to Mckowan's superiors. But when she finally got the chance to tell Mckowan's superior, Chief Deputy DA Karen Guidotti a year later of the trauma she went through by being falsely accused by Mckowan, the mother reports that Guidotti didn't seem all that perturbed.

    The weird thing is that Guidotti told the mother that the DA's office and Mckowan did not and had NEVER kept any files on this mother. But Guidotti didn't seem at all concerned that Mckowan had made a false statement to the mother.

    At the mother's insistence, Guidotti said that she would have Mckowan call the mother to apologize. That was on September 29, 2010.

    That was five months ago, and the mother has never received her apology.

    This is a prime example of an abuse of prosecutorial power - and misconduct. Indeed in the case for which prosecutor Mckowan is being sued by a family for lying to a judge to get out of trying a case, in a front page story on the Palo Alto Daily Post on February 17, 2011, the lawsuit states that "Mckowan's conduct was an abuse of power and was intentional and malicious and done for the purpose of causing humiliation, mental anguish and emotional and physical distress."

    I know of other instances of abuse of power by Mckowan - times where she raised her voice to prosecution witnesses and made up slanderous statements about them with no basis in fact whatsoever. The list of abusive incidents would shock you.

    To the victims of Dr. Ayres: the San Mateo District Attorney's office does not care about this case or you. The San Mateo District Attorney's office is being investigated by the FBI for abuse of power and criminal misconduct in a number of cases.

    I am glad that the FBI is investigating the DA's office, and I am glad that people are finally fighting back with lawsuits.

    I ask you: is this really the office you want trying the Ayres case? If not, then I suggest that you contact the California Attorney General Office and ask for a change of venue, as some have already done.

    You deserve much better than to have this case tried by the San Mateo District Attorney's office.