Thursday, March 20, 2014

San Mateo County - Come have sex with our Children!

Sick Fuck
San Mateo County: "Come have sex with our children!"  (the Allan Wayne Meaney Edition)

According to the San Mateo Daily Journal (pdf) This perverted sack of shit just got sentenced to some prison time for the (plead) crimes of Felony indecent exposure and child annoyance.

He was out on bail (for masturbating in front of a 6 year old girl and her mom) when he was apprehended for hanging out near and flirting with 9 year old girls and such...

Because he has a couple of other prior offenses, he was eligible for special 3-Strikes treatment: potentially life in prison. Fortunately (for the twisted freak) the San Mateo County Courts tossed that silly notion, and with (I imagine... I wasn't there...) less than convincing objection by the DA otherwise, the Court saw fit to go with the maximum 8 years in prison deal...

Let me list for you his convicted offenses so far:

288(a) Lewd or Lascivious Acts with a child under 14 years of age.
288(b) Prior Code -- Lewd or Lascivious Acts with a child under 14 years of age by force or fear.
288(c) Oral Copulation with a minor under 14 years of age by force or fear.
647a Prior Code - Annoy or Molest a child (with priors)
288 Prior Code - Lewd or Lascivious Acts with a child under 14 years of age.
647a Prior Code - Annoy or Molest a child under 18 years of age.

According to the Daily Journal, a State of California detention facility has labeled him to be a "Mentally Disordered Sex Offender," a label which has since been replaced with the label: "Sexually Violent Predator."

San Mateo County, in their careful consideration, sentenced the "Sexually Violent Predator" to "nearly" seven years in prison (So.. that would be SIX years, San Mateo Daily Journal...) with 756 days of  credit -- that would be MORE than TWO years of credit (In case the Daily Journal needs some math help...) for time served.

So, let's see: Three Strikes Candidate, Sexually Violent Predator label,  CONVICTED (God only knows how many were NOT convicted) for count them: (one, two, three, four)... FOUR priors. with a chance to get the established repeat offender off the street forever, and San Mateo County leaps at the chance to put him in jail for:

Maybe 3 years by the time you give him all of the time off credits..

DA Steve Wagstaffe (who will be running UNCONTESTED for DA again) called this:

"a good outcome."

Uh... good for who, exactly? Whose side are you on, Stevie Baby?

San Mateo County: Come have Sex With Our Children!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

San Mateo County's District Attorney has generally run against no opponent, for many, many years.
San Mateo County needs a fresh perspective for its District Attorney Office. The deadline for filing for candidacy for the Office of District Attorney, to run against the current DA Steve Wagstaffe is drawing near.

San Mateo County needs a DA who will not be lax in prosecuting sexual crimes against children, as the current DA's record  proves. We need a DA who will prosecute child molesters to the fullest extent of the law, rather than allowing sex offenders to avoid registration, and serve overly short jail sentences.

We need someone to run who has compassion for the LAW ABIDING citizens of the County of San Mateo, and who won't bow to the wishes of the powerful and wealthy criminals in our midst.

We need to have a candidate who will truly "seek justice and accountability for all who violate the law in our county." and  "also seek to provide assistance for those victimized by criminals."

We need a person of compassion, action, and understanding.

william hamilton ayres was arrested on April 5, 2007 on charges relating to his molestation of many young boys while he was alleging to provide psychiatric care to private patients as well as referrals for evaluation from the juvenile court system in San Mateo County. After years of  playing demented for the courts, ayres plead "No Contest" and was found guilty of all charges against him on May 16, 2013. ayres was sentenced to 8 years in prison on August 26, 2013. During sentencing, ayres' family (wife Solveig Ayres, son Robert Ayres of Illinois, and daughter Barbara Ayres of Sacramento) spoke in support of the child molester and had pernicious and nasty things to say about ayres' victims and accusers. 

ayres has had significant interaction over the years with local politicians on boards like the "Children and Families First Commission,"  including the DA who was serving when prosecution began Jim Fox and Assemblyman Rich Gordon. In fact, Gordon nominated ayres for a lifetime achievement award for his "Tireless effort to improve the lives of children." ayres has also been vocally supported during his criminal trial by local head-shrinkers like Bart BlinderEtta BryantMel BlausteinHarry CorenTom CieslaRobert KimmichLarry LurieMaria LymberisRichard ShadoanCaptane Thomson, and Harold Wallach.