Thursday, July 9, 2009

More ayres Quotes from Wednesday

[DS Note: Here's some clarification: This list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of the things that ayres says/does that meet the criteria as indicators for pedophilia, these are ONLY the ones that I was able to write down fast enough, and are ONLY based on his verbal testimony. I describe his facial expressions/demeanor where appropriate, based on what I wrote in my notes at the time. .When I'm paraphrasing what he said, I've marked it in blue text.]

Wow, I’ve been reading a lot of the “mainstream” press reporting out there on ayres’ testimony yesterday, and there are a LOT of really facinating ayres quotes that were simply not reported.

Here are a few of them (close to verbatim) with a bit of context provided, as well as a few general observations. They’re not taken in order, for reasons that will become clear as you read on:

From the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Fact Sheet on Pedophelia:
Pedophilia usually begins in adolescence, although some individuals report they did not become aroused by children until middle age.

ayres: fondly with a smile: “When I was in high school, we walked around buck naked in the shower, and snapped towels at each other."

From the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Fact Sheet on Pedophelia:
Individuals with pedophilia may limit their activities to their own children, stepchildren or relatives, or they may victimize children outside their families. Some threaten the child to prevent the child from telling others. Some develop complicated techniques for gaining access to children. They may select a job, hobby or volunteer work that brings them into contact with children.

Patients at “Judge Baker” were mostly “learning disabled” juvenile inpatients.
[Comment: so we're all on the same page: information about Judge Baker presented here is not something that I know, or found out, it is paraphrased from ayres' explanation, and words in quotes are direct statement.]

He took a weekend Job at a “Boy’s Reception Center” seeing 2 patients per week.

Worked at “The Ranch” for one year. :
[From their web page: Log Cabin Ranch SchoolLog Cabin Ranch (LCR) is the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department post adjudication facility for delinquent male juveniles. The purpose of the facility is provide a twenty-four a day residential program for juveniles of San Francisco who have been adjudicated delinquent by the Juvenile Courts and sent to Log Cabin for treatment and rehabilitation.]

Renewed his medical license in 2006 after retiring so that he could do volunteer work at the “ --- House” (missed the full term, and description was vague, but appeared to have to do with youth.)

From the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Fact Sheet on Pedophelia:
Except when pedophilia also is associated with sexual sadism, the individual may be kind and attentive to the child's needs in order to gain his or her affection, interest and loyalty, and also to prevent the child from reporting the sexual activity.

ayres talking fondly about his office layout: “Had a brown wood wall” (a set of wood folding doors) that “closed, and the mother and father could come in” (to do preliminary interview) [and then later, for the patient] "inside was a play area, where I could do a physical” (There was a sink right there where ayres could wash his hands) “I wouldn’t have to turn my back on the patient – I like to have as much eye contact as possible.”

From the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Fact Sheet on Pedophelia:
Even after intensive treatment, the course of the disorder usually is chronic and lifelong in most patients, according to the DSM-IV, which is the reason that most treatment programs emphasize a relapse-prevention model. However, both the fantasies and the behaviors often lessen with advancing age in adults.

Claims that he has “done fewer physical exams as he’s gotten older.”
Weinberg then asked him to confirm that he said that he’s done fewer physical exams as he’s gotten older, to which ayres agreed.

From the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Fact Sheet on Pedophelia:
These individuals commonly explain their activities with excuses or rationalizations that the activities have "educational value" for the child, that the child feels "sexual pleasure" from the activities or that the child was "sexually provocative."

In discussing the controversy over his KQED sex education video, “The Time of Your Life” ayres says: "I would still have made the video even knowing the controversy because I thought it was good for the children.”

On getting kids to talk about their problems: “Kids tell you things while you’re doing a physical.”

Talking about his juvenile patients: “There are those who ask for an exam”

“Children will relax as they hear your voice during an exam.”

ayres prefers doing the exam himself rather than leaving it up to a pediatrician. Pediatricians don’t do as good a job because “Pediatricians have less and less time for a physical” [and besides,] the exam “establishes a relationship with the child.”

ayres: “Gave an exam if the child was accepting”

About giving children (boys) a physical: “I would make a connection for them”

Other Miscellaneous and often telling quotes and observations:

Weinberg: “You have your own approach to Psychiatry?”
ayres: "Well, I don’t do anything weir…. I’m pretty much the accepted model”

ayres claims he is “not reluctant to do an exam, I’ve kept up on my skills”

In talking about one of his jobs: “They sent me children in wheelchairs…”

ayres “would not do physicals on females” because “I have no access to someone who could be in the room..” (Meaning a chaperon)

Weinberg: Did you ever relay the results of the physical to the parents?
ayres: “I talked to the patient all the time, but they never said anything…”

ayres despite claiming the NECESSITY for physicals in some cases: “I’d never want to do a physical if they were skittish”

When asked if ayres would tell parents if the child voiced any concerns to him: “No… I’m not a message taker”

When asked how he would ask boys if it was ok to do a physical exam: “I’d say: I think it’s important that we did a physical” ayres smiles fondly at this point and with a slight laugh repeats: WE did a physical.” [emphasis ayres']

There are links to more quotes from ayres' testimony on the
In ayres' Own Words link on the main page.


  1. It is quite clear the Ayres is a pedophile.

    The fact that they would cancel Marvin Firestone as a witness just to keep his "kiddie porn" collection out of the trial is very telling.

  2. This is an excellent and well thought out post. Thanks Deep Sounding.

  3. "I"m not a message taker?"

    That's a very telling and callous statement. He might as well have said," I wish the boys didn't have any parents at all, because I only view them as obstacles to my fantasy of molesting an uninterrupted stream of young boys."

  4. It reads even better the second time.

    By the way, Jennifer, a mother of a victim posted elsewhere on this blog that Ayres molested her son in 1999. I wonder if he did slow down.

    Also, note that Ayres moved two doors down from his office on North San Mateo Drive. He can't stay away from the crime scene.

  5. Renewed his medical license in 2006 after retiring so that he could do volunteer work at the “ --- House” (missed the full term, and description was vague, but appeared to have to do with youth.)

    Translation: Lack of access to molesting boys was not as easy on Ayres as he thought.

    Retirement proved to be like quitting a cigarette habit, he could not go cold turkey.

    For the first time in his career he will give a physical as a "volunteer."

  6. In his civil deposition he said he mostly just did physicals on kids who asked for it.

    He never talks about the kids who refused to let him touch them, and how angry he got when they stood up to him.

  7. Ayres must have referred to a "NO" from the child as "skittish."

    Maybe the DDA needed him to define "skittish"?

    Held, down by a big fat shifty Santa Claus.....could be considered "skittish" I guess.