In ayres' Own Words

[Latest Updates: 07/14/2010 06:30pm]
During william hamilton ayres' first trial for charges relating to his molestation of many young boys, he actually took the stand in his own defense. For two days, July 8th and 9th of 2009, jurors and members of the public squirmed in their seats while the animal testified about "giving" "physical examinations." I was there, and described some of his testimony, and I also have some quotes from the transcripts from the trial for the days that he testified.

On several occasions, I have documented his statements as they relate to various aspects of this case. Here are the main articles on this blog that have direct quotes from ayres:

Article: More ayres Quotes from Wednesday (click to read)
I wrote this article before his second day of testimony. I took copious notes during his testimony, so most of what I have here is pretty close to verbatim, with some paraphrasing. This article relates several of ayres general statements to the APA's "Fact Sheet on Pedophilia."

Article: GREAT Interview on New England Cable News (click to read - includes transcripts)
This article was written after Mitchell Garabedian, one of the Boston lawyers who has represented many victims of Catholic priest sexual abuse, did an interview about the ayres case. He mentions ONE statement that ayres made about genital "examinations" "developing a trust" with his juvenile male patients and he calls it a "HUGE red flag."  You can watch the video, and then read about FOURTEEN other HUGE red flags that ayres spewed during his testimony, directly from transcripts.

Article: In ayres' own words Part II (click to read- includes transcripts)
During his first trial, and also in the transcripts for the first of his several civil suits (which he settled for modestly high six figures) ayres tries to convince everyone that his "medical examinations" were necessary and infrequent. This article tries to pin down the relative frequency of his "exams" based on the statements that he, himself made in court.

Article: In ayres' own words Part III (click to read- includes transcripts)
This article discusses the prosecutor's attempt to introduce the concept of pedophilia to the jury, and to relay to them that a person who is seen as a medical professional can be a pedophile. The judge ultimately throws out the whole line of questioning, but ayres' answers to the testimony are still creepy.

Article: Charming Office for Lease (click to read- includes transcripts)
I found an advertisement from Coldwell Banker Commercial listing ayres' old office for lease. The advertisement calls it a "Charming Office for Lease" and expounds upon the benefits of the separate entrance and exit "airlock" that ayres had set up to prevent his patients from having any contact with one another. The entire bottom part of my article contains testimony that william hamilton ayres gave on July 9, 2009 on cross examination. As it turns out, ayres had a hand in designing the office suites, with its molestation enhancing configuration. 

There's more. As I add more, I'll post links to it here.