Monday, July 6, 2009

Defense Witnesses Take the Stand

Weinberg will begin his parade of defense witnesses today. Many of whom are experts in specific areas of study, such as memory, and who will testify in general without specifically refuting the individual testimony of any of the victims, but will be attempting to damage the victim's testimony as a whole. These are people who are supposed to be experts in the field of mental health, and yet are doing actual additional mental damage to the victims. Thanks for coming!

Also testifying will probably be character witnesses who will be stating that ayres is a great guy, or that he doesn't fit the profile. These folks will simply be perjuring themselves on the stand. Or, maybe they have all begun to realize that it would be a bad idea to get up on the stand, and have decided not to do it...

There were several reporters in the courtroom this morning, as well as Balfour, and several of the parents/relatives of victims.

Very Briefly:
Defense examination of Detective Decker went on until about 11:20AM, when Elizabeth Loftus, a memory expert took the stand, and they began reading off her resume. it went on until lunch break at 11:55AM. She has a very impressive resume. At one point as they were coming to the end of her resume, she gave an example about how people's memory can be "altered" by asking specifically worded questions immediately after a traumatic event, such as witnessing an auto accident, and then much later, when questioned, they remember things differently in a way that correlates to the original questions asked. None of this relates to a victim who was involved in an event, and WAS NOT QUESTIONED until much later... It will be a difficult task for McKowan to impart this though, clearly and succinctly to the jury. Early indications are that McKowan did a pretty good job in the afternoon of making Loftus waffle! If so, kudos! Loftus had me biting my nails. Maybe someone will have more on this later.

Meanwhile, the ayres crew packed the courtroom with clingers-on. Thea Leavitt and Sam Leavitt (Who some allege is a pediatrician) were there, along with Etta Bryant, another bay area shrink who is known to stand up vocally in support of ayres' molestations. (er...she calls them medical exams...) Thea and Etta had visible and audible orgasms when Weinberg began to read off Elizabeth Loftus' credentials. (Was it Loftus' educational prowess, or Weinburg's dulcet tones??) Etta and Thea frantically pointed to Thea's notes to Sam when he showed up. He couldn't be seen clearly enough for his excitement level to be gauged.

Also present was ayres' son Robert, as well as a crew of about 8 other people, most appearing to be about Robert's age. Maybe he has some friends who are either molesters or like hearing about molestation, and they came along for the fun. In all, besides Solveig and Robert, there were 5 men and 6 women in the little crowd. But there may be some fudging to that number; at least two of the "women" were pretty bull-dyke looking, and could possibly have been men.

One of the "actual" men, wearing a very light forest green shirt (kind of sloppy looking) was very creepy looking. The "Molest-dar" was pinging very loudly on this guy, but he could just be your run-of-the-mill serial killer, or something, I suppose. Real weirdo. Had a funny little "robot walk."

I was going to be brutally mean-spirited, but I think I'm having the onset of a migraine headache, like I used to when I was going to ayres' office, so I need to quit for now.

There's a whole bunch more, but it will have to wait for later.

Here's an interesting read by the way... you could replace the word "pedophile" with the words "william ayres" and have a pretty spot-on resume.


  1. I wonder if was Ronnie Sue Leith on she is listed as a male, and she kinda looks like a tranny......besides being very scary looking.......

  2. I have a new post up on Etta Bryant:

    I am mystified that she still supports him after he sued her.