Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Administrative Blog Note

Finally got around to updating the following pages:

About william ayres

ayres' Court Dates - always look here for criminal case number/court phone, dates, etc...

Missed Trial Dates

Many news story links have disappeared over time, as the online versions of the fishwrappers have been gobbled up by other agencies, or gone out of business, or the stories are just to old to matter to anyone anymore.

I've not made an effort to recover them. Far too depressing. If you're going to complain about a broken link, please do me a solid and provide an alternate working link, otherwise, yeah... I know it's broken.

PS: Donnelly Nelson Depolo & Murray: You are not welcomed here. Why don't you drop your pervert client and stop making life more difficult for those he has hurt. Do you not have families? How do you sleep at night, knowing the very real damage you are doing to other human beings? Piss-off, turds!


  1. I have a question: why is Etta Bryant in your Last Supper photo blurred and in the background?

  2. I only have a lousy photo of her. Need a better mug shot.

  3. Who is the hidden woman on the left wall above the folder????

  4. Why are you angry at Donnelly? Their not guilty of anything.

  5. To Anonymous at 8:49 AM, Jan.13.

    Donnelly represents Ayres in victim Greg Doe's civil suit against the former doctor.

    PS: Spellcheck is your friend.

  6. i dated a "patient" of dr ayres in highschool (male of course). i knew then he was sick bastard. my brother went to dr ayres. for a psych consultation he asked my brother to drop his pants and cough. my brother told him to get screwed and ran out. i know he molested my highschool boyfriend, dr ayres was a jealous sick bastard. i hope he rots in hell.

  7. Is there any information from the Jan 21 civil case meeting?

  8. "FBI Has Its Eye On Atherton"

    This development may have more relevance to readers of this blog than you may know.

  9. Readers of this blog should keep a close eye on the Atherton Almanac and the San Jose Mercury News/Daily News for the next couple of days.