Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Victoria Balfour and Mitchell Garabedian Discuss the william ayres Case on WGBH Radio

[Original post date: 03/10/10 02:00pm PST by Deep Sounding]
Freelance Journalist Victoria Balfour, and Mitchell Garabedian the Boston lawyer who has represented more than 700 victims of sexual abuse in the catholic church,  were on "The Emily Rooney Show" on WGBH Radio in Boston today, discussing efforts to expose william hamilton ayres, accused of molesting many young boys under the guise of providing psychiatric services in San Mateo County in California. ayres trained and practiced in the Boston area as well, and authorities are actively looking for victims there as well.

Also note: San Mateo County clerks report that there is no change to the upcoming pre-trial hearing as of 11am PST today.

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Go to "The Emily Roony Show"
Read our earlier post about Mitchell Garabedian's discussion of ayres. 

If you are, or know of a victim in the Boston area:
Crimes Against Children Unit:

Supervisor Sgt. Det. Robin DeMarco at the office at 617-343-6183 or temporary desk phone 617-343-6404 or BPD cell phone 617-593-4070 or personal cell phone 617-877-3699, pager 617-343-7247,

And if Boston victims are interested in filing a civil suit against Ayres, they can't go wrong with renowned Boston civil lawyer Mitch Garabedian, who has helped hundreds of victims find justice.



  1. It was a great interview, but HEARTBREAKING. The key is the confidentiality has to be.

  2. FYI: Emily Rooney is the daughter of Andy Rooney, who is on "60 Minutes."