Monday, July 20, 2009

Victoria Balfour on Levi Page Show, (Last Night)

Victoria Balfour and Robin Sax discussed the ayres case on the Levi Page show last night, Sunday, July 19th 2009:

Host Levi Page, crime writer Stacy Dittrich and defense attorney Stephen Naratil discuss the latest in the brutal murder case of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu and then former prosecutor Robin Sax and journalist Victoria Balfour weigh in on the case of a child psychiatrist on trial for molesting several children.


  1. Robin has had 17 years of experience as a sex crimes prosecutor in Los Angeles. Let's hope she can shed some lights on the workings of juries.

  2. I plan on listening, should be very interesting.

    I still say when going for broke as is Ayres, the jury is your last gamble.

  3. Will Solveig call in and ask a question about how much San Mateo County paid to put on this trial?

  4. I thought it was interesting when prosecutor Robin Sax said that the absolute worst jurors to have on a sex crimes trial are young women in their twenties.