Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Tireless Mainstream Press works hard to beat us to the punch again!

By the way... for the impatient, as we all slog our stories together here, after some wine and beer, here's Elizabeth Pfeffer's version of today's events (go ahead... it's ok..) It's much less biased of course, and lacks a lot of very interesting things that ayres said today, but you'll get a little hint of his weirdness when Pfeffer talks about ayres statement:

"If you talk to them the whole time (during the exam), they will relax," Ayres told the jury.


  1. Oh his poor memory was attached to his prostate.

    Geez, are they now going to call back a memory expert who can't remember anything and say yup radiation of the prostate causes memory loss mostly just about your former child patients.

    Maybe they should call Dr. Kliman back and he'll say that after the radiation Ayres smoked marijuana and his breasts got large and then he blew out his memory.

    Dr. Kilman won't mind that's a whole $600 bucks more an hour!

    Yup, Dr. Kliman has a really neato book from the late 1950's that says dat can happen!

  2. Huh... that's why the call him a dickhead.

  3. I may be biased but I think our coverage is much more interesting than the mainstream press stories. How could they leave out the line about the buck naked boys in the shower?

  4. "Speaking frankly and in a relaxed manner..." implies that the reporter saw the man as truthful.

  5. No doubt that you have the best coverage and the most truthful.

    If I were reading only main stream press I can see it is like holding your cup up to the coke machine and it comes out with the fizzy water, no syrup!

    You guys have the real stuff.

    I attended trial one day. From my point of view I can see the main stream press leaves a lotta, lotta controversial stuff that was actually said on the witness stand out.

    If you are issuing an opinion and haven't sat in the court room to actually see and hear it you can always get a transcript!

    This stuff is really being said!