Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Victoria Balfour Allowed back in Court

Victoria Balfour has confirmed that she is back in court as of today!

I'm sure she'll let us know the details later tonight...


  1. Michael Stogner posted it at the journal forum!

  2. I think maybe when the Justice Interrupted talking got to the point that Mr. Weinberg could be sued by his client Ayres for malpractice for putting a witness up there who has not been deposed....maybe he thought about not wanting to open that pandora's box!

    Thank heavens for pro bono lawyers. Thank heavens Victoria Balfour has so many good people to work with who helped her with this.

    Thanks to all!

  3. DS,

    Does that mean she is no longer a witness?

  4. Don't know yet.

    I don't think she was EVER a witness.

    I don't think she was ever interviewed or deposed in the context of being a witness.

    I don't think anyone ever attempted to make travel or lodging arrangements for her.

    Sociopathic bullies all hang out together. There's a clump of four of them in that courtroom everyday, with the two men ruling the roost, and the two ladies: Solveig and Robert sitting there complacently with a demur smile, just like they should...