Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now Here's The Kind of Press Coverage We Like

This just out from SFist:

And speaking of South Bay molesters, the Redwood City trial of psychiatrist William Ayres -- a prominent child psychiatrist who stands accused of molesting several of his male patients, not to be confused with Bill Ayres -- is winding down, and conviction seems pretty damn likely. While defense attorneys argued that no one can clearly remember things that happened to them when they were ten years old, prosecutors kept it simple. As ABC 7 reports, "[The prosecutor] began her closing arguments by asking the jurors why, if Ayres' physical exams were medically appropriate as he claims, he did not discuss them with the boys' parents, why he only examined boys and not girls, and why he didn't use gloves during the exams." Also, uh, why was a psychiatrist performing these "medically appropriate" genital exams at all? Yeah, that pretty much clinches it. For more details on Ayres hand-grabby therapeutic methods, see this Mercury News piece here.

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  1. I guess besides the Beast he is now known as old grabby-hands.

    Well no need to sugar coat it.

    There are a lot of young reporters, they don't tippy-toe around.

  2. Ok so this is weird but rather interesting a blog at:


    Takes some of the comments which were written at your blog DS and translates them like this particular comment changed up a bit on Etta Bryant:

    "Her reliability knows no limits. I expect she is a ice-cold hearted hooker! She derserves to be living solo in her dwelling without a pacify."

    It is a different kind of press I must say but they have taken comments and switched them up.

    I am not sure who the transcriber was. Perhaps smoking weed, or Dr. Kliman........

  3. The Patient Advocate said:
    Ok so this is weird but rather interesting a blog at:


    I think that blogs like that (there are lots of them out there) are using auto-text-replacement algorithms to make the chunks of text that you see in junk mail, that look like they're trying to say something, but are very jumbled. It fools the junkmail filters for awhile, by parsing like an actual document.

  4. Oh, thanks for the clarification DS, I thought maybe it was written by a Norweigian who knew Etta Bryant was a hooker.

  5. It's a reflex with me:

    Take a sip of coffee.
    Open Email with comment for blog.
    Wipe coffee out of nostrils.
    Wipe coffee off of keyboard.