Thursday, July 9, 2009

KCBS Radio: Ayres was "Rambling, Non-Responsive and Argumentative"

We just heard a radio report from KCBS radio reporter Tim Ryan who sat in on the Ayres trial today.
He described Ayres' responses to the prosecutor today as "Rambling", "Non-Responsive" and "Argumentative."
He also included a great quote from former Hillcrest Juvenile Hall child psychiatrist Dr. David Schwartz, who called Ayres a "pedophile" and said how much he had harmed San Mateo County.
Way to go, reporter Tim and Dr. Dave !
KCBS is 740 AM on the dial. They should be repeating the reports throughout the evening so check it out yourself.
And FYI- Tim Ryan's dad was a longtime probation officer at
Hillcrest !


  1. Wat to go KCBS!

  2. You should have heard all the other stuff Dr. Schwartz told the reporter about Ayres that didn't make it on air. I hope Schwartz gets a chance to say it again.

  3. Thank you to Dr. Schwartz for speaking up!

    We need more doctors to take a stand against criminals in medicine.

    We have lost a lot in San Mateo County because of Ayres.

    If his partners knew about him being a pedophile they are just as guilty.

  4. I follow your blog to get information on the William H Ayers,MD Trial. Unfortunately, I have to see thru the fog of your one sided presentation.I don,t know if Dr. ayers is guilty of the allegations. But I would like to see that issue be decided fairly by a jury following due process of law.Sarcastically, I say thank you for demonstrating a current example of McCarthyism, rabble rousing, mob incitement ofthe kind that led to lynching of Negroes in the south, the genocide of Tutsis by Hutus in Rwanda,and other examples of Mob Rule.As for your support of Victoria Balfour, have you considered her possible motivations? 1) To get revenge on all possible child molesters including her own child molester (understandable)2) to get spicy material for a potentially profitable book that she,ll publish 3)to support the aim of the Church of Scientology to "Destroy Psychiatry" Note: isn't it an odd coincidence that the trial of Dr. Ayers,a noted child psychiatrist, follows similar allegations against Mel Levine,MD,a noted Developmental Pediatrician? In warfare it is often a usefull tactic to attack a destroy the top most visible and the rest will fold.Also, you keep repeating that Dr. Kliman gets $600. per hour but fail to mention that Dr. Pontin got $650 per hour to get the ball rolling. I don,t expect you to post this, but if you do you deserve some credit for tolerating anyone who does,t jump on the band wagen. I too am afraid of your ability to slime anyone who refuses to pre-judge.

  5. Anonymous, July 9, 2009 10:14 pm... This sounds like it came from an Ayres family member- or an acolyte- albeit one who can't spell worth a damn.

    This blog is written by one of the 42 brave victims who have come forward to the police. We state that we believe Ayres is guilty. If you want "unbiased" coverage, go to the mainstream press. (But you better not listen to the KCBS radio spot on Ayres today !)

    The stuff about McCarthyism sounds like it's written by Solveig, who as we all know wrote on an Ashland Theater blog last year that the stuff against her husband is a witchhunt.

    As for Victoria Balfour being a "Scientologist" - well that sounds like what Ayres said to Dr. David Schwartz yesterday, who is himself a child psychiatrist.

    Balfour is not and never has been a Scientologist( We assume you did a cursory Google search and found a Victoria Balfour who took a Scientology course. It's not this Balfour...There are dozens of Victoria Balfours in the US and Canada and even more in England and Scotland. Better do your homework next time.
    Not only does Balfour have many friends who are psychiatrists - including one trained at Harvard Medical School who urged her to go to the police about Ayres' molestation back in 2002 - but she herself has been a longtime patient of a Columbia University Medical School trained psychiatrist. This psychiatrist also urged her to make sure Ayres paid for his crimes. Her psychiatrist is also an MD, but he said at NYU University Hospital, where he works, the child psychiatrists never ever touch the kids. He said he didn't know any other shrink in the country who touched kids either.

    If this blog bothers you so much, don't read it. I would also ask you to think about why it was that Weinberg didn't put up a shrink who said he gave genital exams to kids... Could it be because he couldn't find any?

    Start your own blog,Anonymous at 10:14 pm and refute the accusations one by one... We for one would like to know why Ayres gave rectal exams to kids.

  6. July 9, 10:14 pm.

    It's Dr. Ponton, not Pontin.

    It's Ayres, not Ayers.

    And Dr, Levine is not the only pediatrician who has been busted by authorities.( might we add that Levine gave up his medical license and did not fight the allegations.)

    Check out Ohio pediatricians Dr. Scott and Dr. Mark Blankenberg, arrested in March on 87 counts of child molestation.

    Check out child psychiatrist Dr. Joseph DeMasi, who confessed to his psychoanalyst in New York that he was a pedophie, and indeed was arrested for molesting young boys under his care. Demasi is now in Connecticut state prison.

    But most of all we wish you would get some spelling lessons.

  7. I would like to add that Dr. Ponton was worth her fee.

    When Dr. Kliman stated his fee it was outrageous as he didn't even prepare his report on the books he carted out!

    He left nothing for the jury to review.

    Most people are outraged at his $600 an hour fee because he failed to live up to the standard of an expert witness.

    He was an idiot. Even the jury looked at him as such.

  8. To Anonymous, July 9, 2009 10:14 PM

    Who said:

    I follow your blog to get information on the William H Ayers,MD Trial.

    Hi anonymous, Thanks for viewing! I think you'll find that we have a pretty good group of bloggers and commenters here, who will provide an accurate, albeit biased update on the current status of the trial of the child molester william ayres, who alleges to be a child psychiatrist.

    Dr. Pontin got $650 per hour to get the ball rolling.

    WOW! That's pretty steep. It's amazing to me that a mere $50 extra per hour will buy you testimony that's not boring, is honest and forthright, professional, and non-combative.

    You're right! That's definitely an extra $50 per hour very well spent.