Friday, July 17, 2009

The Jury is in Deliberation - Day 4: Friday

The jury is in day four of deliberation.

Friday, July 17th 8:30AM PST:
Solveig, the beast, and Old Biker Hippy Chick are sitting in the cafeteria. Anticipation, or visibility to jurors? We don't know yet. Where's Robert? Maybe out parking the molest-o-mobile...
Friday, July 17th 10:20AM PST:
At about 8:45 this morning, the prosecutor indicated to one of the people on scene that there is a "jury issue" and that it is minor. At about 8:50AM this morning, the Prosecutor and Weinberg went into judge's chambers. At least two of the jurors have been called in to judges chambers briefly, and appeared in good spirits when they came out.

It is very likely that we will not make it to court in time once the jury has reached a verdict. Once the jury has reached a verdict, it can be as little as a half an hour between the time that we will get a call and it is read in court. We will post as soon as we have confirmation of verdict.
Courtroom 2L
Superior Court Clerk's office: 650-599-1170
ayres' criminal case number:SC064366


  1. A rule of thumb to use to guesstimate jury deliberations is one day of deliberations for every five full days of testimony.

    I would be surprised if they were back before Thursday; I think there may be some clarifications and leadership necessary in that room. But I do feel there are several leaders in that room and they will make things clear to those who may not understand things as well ...

  2. My prediction for foreman: the burly guy in the front who always wore shorts; or the very attentive guy with greying hair with wire rims and tshirt in the back, or the very blue eyed woman who was tall and thin and attentive and always looked at Greg H's mom.

  3. after an evacuation sometime before 3:45 with fire trucks in attendance, the jury departed the building at 4:40

  4. Anonymous 6:10 pm:

    Wow, thanks for the inside scoop! Keep us posted.

  5. Steve Wagstaffe is quoted as saying he does not expect a verdict by the end of the week.

    He can be wrong. He also predicted that Ayres would ask for a plea deal.

  6. An out of statute victim predicted back in 2006 that Ayres would be arrested. He said this at a time when the police weren't so confident that they would find a victim within statute. Even the other out of statute victims were worried that the cops wouldn't find anyone within statute. Back in 2006, this out of statute victim was the only one who was certain that Ayres would be busted.This out of statute victim's dad was a top lawyer and he inherited his father's smarts.

    Yesterday this same out- of -statute victim predicted with the same confidence that Ayres would be convicted.

    We believe he will bat two for two.

  7. I agree completely w/out of statute victim.
    If he doesn't bat two for two, it'll be because the pitcher had vaseline on his cap, or because the ref was blind.

  8. Sarah just posted at the San Mateo Daily Journal:

    The jury is on break and they have only asked for a read back

  9. I just got a message from Judge Freeman's clerk Sean and he said the court is not "in the practice of giving summations of readback testimony." He suggested that people try Weinberg's office to hear what was read back.

    He did say the jury asked for a couple of things to be read back.

  10. We received a report from those who were at the courthouse today that the Ayres jurors looked stress-free.

    The juror known as "Fingernail Girl"
    (so named because of her nervous habit of picking at her nails) and "Lawyer Girl" - the young girl who sat in the back - were talking together on a break and were in good spirits.

  11. ok, I am baffled (and yes, a bit anxious), so I have to ask those of you who are more savvy about this stuff: what do you think the jury might want read back? Is this a "good" sign...or no sign...or what?

  12. Our friends at the courthouse report that the jurors were all in a good mood. No furrowed brows or angst.

    Fingernail Girl ( nicknamed because of her habit of picking at her nails during testimony) and "Lawyer Girl" (young woman who sat near her) were talking together at a break and were in very good spirits.

  13. It's no sign. The jurors asked for readback at the Phil Spector case and convicted him.

    In the OJ case, they asked for readback and acquitted him.

    It means they're doing their work.

  14. Thanks for the response/explanation, Trapellar.

    Even more, thanks for the optimistic info about the jurors...
    I also happened to see a few of the jurors walking around at lunch time today. While I am not as good at reading them as some people are, I can at least confirm that the ones I saw did seem to be relaxed -- more relaxed than I was at the time, that's for gd sure.

  15. When I heard about a read back the first thing that popped into my mind was the deposition from the civil suit where Ayres said he doesn't recall ever asking a boy to take his pants off. Of course Ayres explained this away on the stand as being intimidated by Tobin the lawyer.

    Just never know though....

    To me if a juror seems relaxed or happy that is a good thing. They want to be finished with their work.

    Keeping a hopeful outlook......

  16. I certainly hope that the jurors will consider the inconsistencies between Ayres's statements about his "exams" in the civil suit and at trial. Ayres is lying and he did not figure out what his alibi was going to be until Weinberg came along.

  17. I agree Ayres should and most likely will be convicted. However, when we bring up Ayres civil suit and settlement, need I mention Michael Jackson? My hope is the jury looks long and hard at the alleged need for physical exams by a psychiatrist. If it wasn't so sick, it would be laughable. Yes, that's how this trial leaves me; feeling sick and hoping for a conviction.

  18. Susan: I don't think you don't have to worry. I believe the three male jurors are already on the victims' side and I also believe the intense tall woman with the piercing blue eyes who is always looking at the mother of the victims is also with us. Something tells me there is not a chance in hell that tall woman would ever allow an acquittal.

    The Jackson case was different because of the intensity of his celebrity and media coverage.

    A number of child psychiatrists and pediatricians have been convicted of doing exactly what Ayres has done.

    Nothing is certain, of course and there could be a rogue juror. But the ten victims who testified were strong, believable and their testimony was beyond poignant.

    I believe that the jurors have common sense and will do the right thing.

  19. The accuser in the Jackson abuse case had a mom who was kind of a grifter, and the kid that Jacko paid the $20 million to in 1993 was conveniently unavailable to testify during the trial. The idea that the pop star was having "innocent"" locked-door unsupervised sleep-overs with little boys is not quite as preposterous as the idea that Ayres is a "child psychiatrist hamstrung by unconventional attitudes on adolescent sex education", but almost.

    I hope the jury got prosecutor McKowan's implication that these are not the only boys Ayres has molested. These poor kids were the last victims in this man's long, long career as a sexual predator. It's frustrating that more of the dozens and dozens of Ayres's out-of-statute victims weren't allowed to testify. Ayres may be old and sick, but he's ruined a lot of lives over the past 4 decades he's been "examining" little boys.

  20. A poster over at the San Mateo Daily Journal forum just wrote:

    Was there a complaint against Dr. William Ayres by a 14-year-old boy in Boston?
    I wouldn't be surprised if there were dozens of boys he molested in Boston.

  21. Sarah posted jury worked through their break and did not ask for more information at 11:58 am @ the journal forum.

  22. Maybe they're having sympathy pains for Ayres, so they're procrastinating in order to "give" him one last weekend at his home.

  23. I am just guessing but if they shorten lunch hours and breaks I think they want a verdict by 2-morrow....

    Never can be sure.....

    Still keeping the fingers crossed pro-prosecution....

  24. I understand that the man is old and sick, but that's no reason to give him a pass on being accountable for the harm he's done to so many young men. I'm sure he will get excellent health care when he's taken away to Atascadero State Hospital. The day they take him there can't come too soon for me.

  25. He won't go to Atascadero; that's for inmates who are deemed mentally ill. Not an issue here, at this time anyway. So Coalinga is out, too.

    San Quentin first, then someplace else. CMF, perhaps? Or alongside Phil Spector at Corcoran?

  26. They have only asked for a read back of his deposition statement and for a large, easel size pad of paper. This is a good jury. Just be patient. We have waited a long time. We can survive a few more days...

  27. I think the verdict is coming down today.....

    The Beast got advance notice to show up....guess on my part.

    Also, I had a dream last night that the verdict was read today!

  28. Sarah posted this at 10:11 am at the forum:

    the jury has been outside the court room and the judge has met with 2 jurors privately and all the partys are here today

  29. Sarah posted that juror No. 1 has been excused from the jury at 10:33 am at the journal forum

  30. This doesn't look good, having jurors excused so far into deliberations. Next up: a mistrial. Sorry for sounding so pessimistic. I was hoping for a guilty verdict today.