Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jury Deliberation - Day 8: Thurs 07/23/2009

The jury is in day eight of deliberation.
In case you missed it:
Yesterday one juror was dismissed and replaced with an alternate.
Last Friday, one juror was dismissed and replaced with an alternate.

Thursday, July 23rd 6:30AM PST:

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. -Mark Twain
As usual, Twain uses a double edged pen. Be wary lest it cut deep.

Make sure you check out today's artwork over at Patient Advocate's site!

Thursday, July 23rd 12:30PM PST:

The jury got to go for a ride in the sheriff's van this afternoon for lunch. Off to an undisclosed location for consumption of tasty comestibles. But our helicopter was able to follow them...

Just kidding. No helicopter, no following. Anyone own an unmarked vehicle by the way?

It is very likely that we will not make it to court in time once the jury has reached a verdict. Once the jury has reached a verdict, it can be as little as a half an hour between the time that we will get a call and it is read in court. We will post as soon as we have confirmation of verdict.
Courtroom 2L
Superior Court Clerk's office: 650-599-1170
ayres' criminal case number:SC064366


  1. Ayres showed his dark side during testimony when he was angrily mimicking lawyer Bob Tobin's behavior. I spoke with several people who found Ayres' anger to be frightening.

  2. Steve Wagstaffe is quoted in papers today as saying never before have two jurors been booted off during deliberations.

    It happened during the Scott Peterson trial. Two jurors were booted within the course of two days during deliberations. And one of them was the foreman.

  3. comparing the trials and stats re: juror dismissal...does it make a difference that the second one was ill...i.e., not "booted off" least not in the way that the first juror was? I.e., is the significance of losing two jurors impacted in any way by the reasons for their dismissal?

  4. Anonymous, 10:57 am, July 23, 2009

    The reasons for being kicked off have no bearing on the deliberations. Supposedly, they have to start afresh in their deliberations each time a juror is replaced.

  5. DeepSounding:

    Do you think Ayres and Solveig will be attending the Ashland Shakespeare Festival again this summer? Do you remember those comments Solveig made about obese people and her husband's criminal case?

  6. Sounds like Bailiff Dave and the judge have been reading your blog.

  7. So, say something nice about them.
    I'll start.
    Dave the Bailiff has nice hair.
    Judge Beth has nice hair, too.

  8. I can't believe they went out in the Sheriff's van! Well that is incognito. Did they have on orange vests and carry hefty bags?

    I bet they went through the drive-through at Carl's Jr. on the corner of Veteran's Blvd.

    If they come back with ketchup stains please let us know!

  9. I don't think Bailiff Dave or Judge Freeman put up with any crap.

    I find that to be a strong and positive quality!

  10. I think Bailiff Dave is quite attractive. He's actually a nice guy and is soft spoken. If he gets a bit riled up sometimes, it's probably because he's worried about doing his job well.

    Don't know enough about Judge Freeman but there were a couple of times during the trial when I thought she put her hand in front of her mouth to hide the fact that she was either a) smiling or b) aghast.

  11. The National Enquirer team could have found those jurors today!

    And they do indeed hire helicopters for their stories.

  12. Michael Stogner posted at the forum at 4:11 pm that the jury is finished for the day.

  13. This is beyond frustrating. I understand the jury had to begin their deliberations anew and I want an optical outcome; meaning a jury verdict and not a mistrial. I apologize to the wonderful people on this and please understand I'm simply sharing my frustration. In real life, I tend to be patient, well, maybe not. In this case, the delay in a guilty verdict for the injured parties remains paramount in mind. Let's keep our group fingers crossed.

  14. The foreman and the redheaded woman looked especially strong and determined today.

  15. There is always the possibility Ayres could be convicted on the battery charges instead of felony assault.