Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2. 2009: No Jury Trial Today but Plenty of Motions: Weinberg's "Expert Witness" Will Say that Ayres Does Not Fit the Profile

There may have been no jury trial today, but for those who showed up in court today anyway, there were plenty of very interesting motions going on between defense and prosecution.

We hear that Weinberg plans to call on Dr. Marvin Firestone next week who will say that he does not believe that Ayres fits the profile of a pedophile. Whatever..... If Firestone is the guy we think he is, he's also a lawyer who seems to defend doctors no matter what kind of criminal actitivy they've been involved in. And if he is the guy we think he is,he lives right here in good ole San Mateo. Could it be that Firestone and Ayres are pals from way back? Is this the same Marvin Firestone who is currently serving in some capacity on the Northern California Psychiatric Association - the same group that gave Ayres some award with a fancy name a couple of decades ago?

Check out this Marvin Firestone profile:

Wonder if Dr. Firestone has read "Beoynd Betrayal" a book about male sex abuse. Dr. Richard Gartner, founder of the Sex Abuse clinic at the William Alanson White Institute in New York City, and a board member of Male Survivor.

In his book Dr. Gartner specifically talks about how pedophiles are attracted to working in the medical profession because it provides easy access to kids. He talks about pedophiles who are doctors.

Many child abusers are attracted to careers and avocation that make them special in the eyes of the community. They may be teachers, clergy, scoutmasters, choirmasters, coaches, Big Brothers, child care workers, doctors or other health workers or civic leaders. These positions can help an abuser gain access to children and serve as a cover for the abuse they commit. Serving in these roles can also be a form of insurance, so if they get caught, they’ll have ample support and plenty of advocates to state unequivocally, “This person could never hurt a child.”



We've also learned that he is a member of the Bay Area Koi Club and that some years ago he and the wife used to keep their koi in their swimming pool before they built a whole separate pond for their pet fish.

And it appears that those nasty Nude Boy books have not been forgotten by the prosecution team. It's not quite clear to us why there is still an ongoing discussion about the Coming of Age in court motions today, but hey, for those of us who were disheartened when they were excluded as evidence, these renewed discussions have cheered us right up.

We did hear that there seemed to have been a bit of a tug of war between the defense and prosecution today as to whether those highly sexualized photos of young adolescent boys in various stages of undress in locker rooms is considered porn. It appears that the prosecution's stance is that they are porn, given that the books have been removed from circulation in some places. We heard that Weinberg was arguing about wanting to bring an expert to testify that they are not.


  1. Sounds to me that Firestone and Ayres are pals from way back.

  2. I hate to break the bad news but Marvin Firestone goes way back in San Mateo, another old geezer who lives on Tarrytown Street in San Mateo with his wife Lilah!

  3. I bet Firestone is doing this for free. One old white guy shrink sticking up for another old decrepit white guy shrink.

    They've known each other forever.Talk about not having any bias!

  4. Firestone lives in the same neighborhood as the parent of one of the victims. Shame on him.

    All of his neighbors say Firestone and his wife Lilah are weirdos.

  5. How does Firestone know what fits the profile. His practice is more focused on law not medicine. The question to Firestone is IF you were not practicing law is that the way you would molest children, without gloves, with drapes, without an office set up as an exam room?

    Answer that Firestone!

  6. How does Firestone explain the masturbating of his kids? Word in their neighborhood is that they are both very very weird. Firestone's office is right across from the Crystal Springs Shopping Center.

    I bet he's doing it for free because Ayres is running low on dough and he's hoping for publicity.

    His neighbors are NOT going to be happy about him testifying.

  7. How many times did Ayres have dinner with Firestone, from Tarrytown to his old place on Oakdale......Solveig and Lilah of the same cloth......

  8. Perhaps the books can now be brought in as a witness has stated he was shown a book with nude boys.

    If the prosecution gets a copy of that book and recalls the witness and says is the book he showed you?

    The book is now admitted!

    Just a theory, I am in no way a lawyer.

  9. Did Firestone go to some chomo FBI academy that we don't know about. This guy is no expert witness.

    I am not a lawyer but an attoney can file some type of objection as to having someone "claim" they are an expert.

    Basically they question the witness on how many times they have testified that a doctor is not a chomo and how many cases, boards, advisory boards etc. they have participated in. In otherwords, the prosecutor can ask what makes someone an expert to predict that Ayres does not fit the profile of a child molester.

    Firestone is more a medical malpractice type, not a child molester expert.

    How many cases has Firestone testified that a DOCTOR is not a child molester, probably none.

    The prosecutor can ask that his testimony can not be qualified as expert. I have seen this attempted many times.

    Challenge why or why not someone does not qualify as an "EXPERT WITNESS".

    Voir Dire:

    It also refers to the process by which expert witnesses are questioned about their backgrounds and qualifications, in order to potentially give an expert opinion in court testimony.

    Hint hint to McKowan! You can challenge this old fart as an EXPERT in saying Ayres doesn't fit the profile.......he could be gone before he gives testimony back to babysit his KOI POND and bamboo laden yard.

    He could be sent packin in his green Honda.

  10. Marvin Firestone doesn't appear to have written anything regarding profiling child molesters.

    His main profile is:

    Dr. Firestone provides medical-legal consultation and neuropsychiatric evaluations for the Courts and the legal community and has served as expert witness on numerous cases involving head injuries and post-traumatic stress syndromes, conservatorship needs, testamentary capacity and mental competency in civil, probate and criminal matters.

    HE IS NOT AN expert for child molesters.

    His resume lists no other experience as such.

  11. Perhaps Firestone is part of Ayres' child porn sharing group.

    Ten to one he's not being paid for his testimony. The fact that this guy is testifying signifies to me that Ayres is running out of money and can't afford top notch experts. I know he has memory expert Elizabeth Loftus coming in. She will talk about false memories.

    But how will she be able to explain away Greg Hogue and Thomas C and Steven S who all told their parents pretty soon afterward about the molestation?

  12. This should be a very simple witness to dispatch, provided DDA McKowan does a little bit of homework or has her own "what is a pedophile" witness stashed somewhere.
    He's certainly not an expert on the reason for this trial.