Monday, July 27, 2009

Hung Jury


This is not a misprint. News was delivered by Melissa McKowan.
July 27, 2009 2:15PM

Also confirmed by call from DA's office. Press has been notified of deadlock. Jury will be brought out at 2:40PM PST.


  1. How disappointing!! ( I had other choice words to say when I heard the news). I hope that they retry him.

  2. I had a feeling your reporters had the right take on things DS.

    Sorry to have waited so long to get to this point.

    I also hope they retry this case.

  3. Stunned.

    The SM County DA had better retry this case—and if I were one of the men who bravely stood up and testified, I'd be getting the paperwork going for a civil suit.

    'Cause any retrial is going to take forever, and Whiney is the master of delay, delay, delay. (That is, if he's around for the re-do.)

    I am so, so sorry, DS, and to all survivors of Ayres' wonderful therapy.

    Jury consultant next time around, Ms. McKowan.

  4. Hung jury as in, the jury agrees that it cannot reach a verdict, as in the court has or will declare a mistrial?

    We shall see, but as far as I know all that the prosecutor knows is that the court has recdived a note indicating that the h=jury is deadlocked and not what the judge intends to do about it, nor is the jury count known....

  5. Stunned I am not.