Sunday, July 19, 2009

Felony Conviction Rate for San Mateo County

Here are the most recent statistics on the felony conviction rate for San Mateo County. This information was compiled by  the US Department of Justice.
Most recent figures for San Mateo County:
Year                        Conviction Rate
2007                       86.0
2006                       83.3
2005                        85.7
2004                        87.9
2003                        89.4
2002                        85.6
2001                         83.2
2000                         87.2                     


  1. Will San Mateo County ever reach the 90 % mark?

  2. I'm dumb. 'Splain me the implications of that chart. (I'm hoping it means Ayres is more likely to be convicted.)

  3. It just shows the percentage of felony crimes that were tried that ended in conviction.

    In 2007, for example, 86 % of all felony crimes that went to trial in San Mateo ended in a conviction.

    San Francisco has about a 75 % conviction rate.