Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Elizabeth Pfeffer Beats us to the Punch!

Elizabeth Pfeffer, a local mainstream reporter has printed some detail about today's morning events, beating us to the punch today!

Read it in the Mercury News

Thanks Elizabeth, It's great to see mainstream press' continued involvement these last few days.

I'd like to add a comment about Officer Decker:
When I was interviewed by him, the only questions he asked were questions of clarification. If there were ANY "leading lines of questioning" I definitely did not pick up on them.

In fact, in reading about other victims testimony these last few days, a TON of unfortunate memories have come flooding back...Details about specifics that were NOT spelled out in what's been written or probably even mentioned in court, but that are very vivid and clear now. (I gave an example over on the Trials and Tribulations blog comments for yesterday's post. )

If Decker had asked me any leading questions, I'd have had these floods of memories then, too, and he would have had so much more info to go on, but I didn't get anything like that then... I only relayed the memories that have been foremost in my mind.

It's a tribute to his professionalism that he did not ask more leading questions.


  1. Thanks for posting today Deep Sounding as usual you have an amazing blog!

    I find myself checking you out at work and everyone probably wonders what the music is......

    I heard that the prosecution rested their case as of today.

    Monday it will be all eyes on Weinberg.

    I am still very curious if the beast does have any character witnesses. What I mean by that anybody who still claims they are his friend and colleague (not that those things matter).

    Etta Bryant for one.

    I suppose for the jurors it is purely witness testimony and expert witnesses, testifying to the standard of care.

    What difference does it make if someone gets up and says I had dinner with Bill Ayres up on Oakdale at his old house before he sold it off and he is a wonderful chap....doesn't look that great in a swimsuit, but just lovely, as he says....

    That doesn't amount to anything but filler for a day or two!

    So a few more expert witnesses and then the case will be turned over to the jury.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Oh boy, I hope there is opportunity for a focused but complete rebuttal. There were some things I feel should have been addressed that are holes in the case. Perhaps on cross-examination ...

    Minor holes, in my mind anyway. I still utterly believe the testimony of each former patient I have heard. McKowan had better be checking with experts in the field and be prepared to bring those icky paid for the criminal experts back to earth! I've suggested she read transcripts of Alan Jackson's sparring with Weinberg during the Spector trial. To underestimate him as an adversary would be a huge disservice to all of Ayres' victims, those who have come forward and those who aren't quite ready to do so.

    DS, I am sorry I brought back things that perhaps I shouldn't have. I have been very careful to water things down. I don't think anyone can really understand the horribleness of it all, and I'm sorry I caused you any grief.

  3. P.S. Elizabeth Pfeffer is a fine journalist, and you all are lucky to have her in the courtroom keeping the public informed.

    I hope she has the opportunity to do some features with Ayres' former patients when you all are ready, because of all of the mainstream journalists covering this case, she has the most sensitivity and will definitely do right by you.

  4. In an update to the article in the Mercury News it says that Weinberg said Ayres may or may not take the stand in his own defense.

    To the DA:

    Here is your chance to ask the questions:

    Physicals given to girls?
    Why no gloves?
    Why no exam table?
    Why no parent present?
    Why no record?

    The burning question:

    Why so many?

  5. CaliGirl9:

    YOU didn't cause me ANY grief. I'm glad you've been careful to protect the identities of the victims. That's the only watering-down that needs to happen.

    People need to understand that we're not being angry and/or vindictive against an innocent, misunderstood old doctor. They need to come away from this with the clarity of mind that ayres was never a doctor of any sort, he was never a pilar of community, and he never had the intent, humanity, or willpower to help any human being.

    If that means being blunt, so be it.