Monday, July 13, 2009

Closing Arguments to Continue - You know the Drill

Closing arguments will continue on Tuesday the 14th. The defense has some testimony left, and then the Prosecutor will have an opportunity to rebut. There will be brief instructions by the judge, and then the case will be turned over to the jury.

As a general statement, things went well today for the prosecution, I thought. We will likely have more commentary here in awhile.

I have one piece of important information to relay to a victim who is out-of-statute, and was not called to testify:
At one point not so very long ago, the I was asked if ayres said to me "You know the drill." I said that I did not have any recollection of that phrase. If you have not already heard this, during one of the victim's testimony earlier in the trial, he testified that ayres said to him: "You know the routine." I thought of you immediately, when I heard that testimony repeated today, and have been waiting all day to post specifically about this. If you hadn't heard it already, I hope it gives you a bit of peace, after the initial pain passes.

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