Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Closing Arguments - Comments

Early indication is that Weinberg got the parents and victims good and pissed off in his final closing, and then McKowan shoved him to the floor and kicked his teeth out.
(To paint a metaphorical picture.)

A paraphrase from just one of the comments made to the jury:
Weinberg wants you to believe that there are only 6 victims in this case, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT!

Apparently, as the prosecutor was talking, Weinberg became as red as a beet, and people thought his head was going to explode.

Article now out on today's closing arguments in the San Mateo County Times.


  1. That's why I would rather be a prosecutor, you always get the last word in!

    Good for McKowan......

  2. McKowan not only got the last word in, she did so with enormous aplomb. She may not be The Lawyer from the Movies, but she rose to the occasion this morning, and she handled Mr. Weinberg (and the jury and the courtroom) like a pro. Her rebuttal was genuinely compelling, and she was completely in control of the situation.

    No condescending pandering from her either...she spoke to the jury like they have brains of their own, not like they're less-thans.

    If I were on that jury, I'd have been insulted by Weinberg's Daddy-talking-to-children approach. He came across as being slightly out of touch with reality: he seems to have no clue that Average Joes are not only not-stupid, they're also capable of seeing through a master bullshitter.

  3. Weinberg sounds like he was treating the jurors like idiots, bringing up aliens!

    Is that really the kind of defense a million or more dollars can buy you?

    I guess Weinberg got in his spaceship with Sigourney Weaver and left.

    Sigourney shaved her head for an extra $100,000, Weinberg doesn't have that option he is already bald.

  4. Apparently some of the really granola looking crowd were ACTUALLY Weinberg's mommy, and possibly sister, who came to either fake the jury into thinking that there are people who like to hang out with ayres, or to bring Doron some milk and cookies for the break time, so he didn't have to wait on the elevator to go to the break room. Or something. Maybe she had his tutu dry cleaned and was bringing it to him.

  5. DS,

    You said the granola crowd looked like Berkeley types, Weinberg lives in Berkeley....

    OMG, still wants mommy there. Well, it sounds like they lost Etta Bryant so they had to bring in Whiney's folks.

    Oh dear, shocking. Should your follow-up post be called two guys in a tutu?

  6. I am just curious: is that San Mateo Times article by Mike Rosenberg the only newspaper article published describing the closing arguments? Or was there another one with more detail yesterday?

  7. He had nothing else: he dug as deep as he could.

    What's interesting, imo, is that he, a supposed hotshot lawyer with everything available to him, couldn't come up with anything more sophisticated.

    I can only wonder if he unconsciously threw in the towel -- knowing that this is not a case that even a whorettorney can defend.

  8. To Anonymomma:

    You summed that up right. I think even Weinberg had to cringe when he saw the boy books.

    Really in his mind he has to know he defended a pedophile.

    I think he was creeped out on this one.

  9. I actually think the woman was Weinberg's wife and his mother in law. I saw the younger woman leave with Weinberg.