Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brief Update

Testifying now is Gilbert Kleinman. [Edit: I think I got this wrong, looks like it's: Kliman] He's testifying that it's OK for shrinks to do medical exams. Reports are that he's excessively boring.

There was argument this morning revolving around potential witness for the defense Firestone. Weinberg wants him to testify that ayres does not fit the profile of a pedophile according to DSM-IV.

McKowan successfully argued that if he's brought in to testify, that she will then be able to present the titles and description of the content of the books. (DSM-IV states that one of the characteristics of pedophiles is that they collect photographic material of their interests)

ayres is still slated to testify, question is when...

No ayres crowd today. Only one or two other than Solveig and Robert. No Etta or Thea.

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  1. Well I am sure Firestone is griping his KOI in suspense or revising his testimony!