Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brief Recap from yesterday

Just a few quick notes. Trapellar's report (above) has all of the meat. Here's some fluff:

Over on the ayres side of the room in the afternoon were a few ayres supporters:
Solveig and Robert, the creepy guy who was wearing the light green shirt on Monday, and was wearing a blue and white checked shirt yesterday. Apparently it was "Hat Day" in court. Robert had his little "I'm an artist... look at me..." beret, and creepy guy had some kind of fedora-ish hat. It's funny about fedoras. Guys with weak chins tend to like to wear them, and they really don't look good on guys with weak chins... odd phenomenon that holds true here. There was a granola-ish chick "with" creepy guy. Also present were Tubby Old Hippy Chick and what was obviously her tubby daughter.

And let's not forget Thea Leavitt and Sam Leavitt. When they weren't hiding in back, they were looking a bit like they were watching a train wreck. Maybe the horrible truth is dawning on them? Anything could happen, I suppose.

Gil Kliman was a real piece of work. I'm not really going to say too much other than that $600 an hour (with 25 to 30 hours of paid prep time, at the same rate) apparently buys you:

One (1) Genuine Human Doctor Soul.

Here are some interesting Kliman quotes:

When asked if Kliman found anything in ayres' notes to indicate follow-up with parents on the "medical exams" Kliman stated something along the lines of:
In my experience most parents don't care enough to follow-up.

On one of the many occasions that he refused to answer McKowan's question directly, and when caught in a gross mis-representation, he said that he was "Formulating an alternate hypotheses."

When Weinberg stood up to get clarifications from Kliman about the doubt that McKowan had introduced, he said "I'm just going to clear up a couple of things." There were quite a few chuckles. I guess ayres doesn't pay Weinberg to say: "I'm just going to re-obfuscate the truth for a couple of minutes..."

When asked repeatedly by the prosecution if Kliman could find anything in ayres' "medical" records about genital exams, an exasperated Kliman finally stated "I see something here.... about... feet..."

At various points during the McKowan's examination of Kliman, the judge looked like she was trying VERY hard to conceal laughter as Kliman tried to come up with weasel words.

Again, I think McKowan did a great job, Kliman had the jury completely pissed off at him well before he left the stand.


  1. Yes, and Kliman also mentioned something about a "flat belly." I still want to know why Ayres would even write about this for a kid he was treating for emotional problems.

  2. Kliman left in disgrace. Someone should report him to the Medical Board! He states you only need to wear gloves during a genital examination if you want to.

    On the exam table issue saying it would hardly matter if was a surf board if the kid could lay on it!

    No formal exam table is necessary, as long as it it not dirty!

    I wish maybe if McKowan had asked him one more question on that it would have been how can you tell if a desk top, or table or other fake exam table is dirty?

    Most have paper rolled down on them and people use reasonable disinfectant wipes and such.

    What did Dr, Kliman mean that any exam table is fine except if it is dirty?

    Describe dirty?

  3. I heard a rumor which I cannot not absolutely confirm but that "hippie" chick trailor people, gal with tattoo above the breast is a relative, such as a niece to Ayres or Solveig.

    They sure does look like mighty fine folks, all dressed up with hats and tattoos, wonder if they are in the traveling carnival.

    Perhaps someone should check for missing teeth......