Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bases Loaded today

This morning they called the prosecution witness Anthony Atwell MD to rebut the testimony of yesterday's Gil Kliman. Atwell was outstanding. Very outstanding.
Later in the afternoon ayres took the stand for the defense, cross hasn't started yet, but its already not going well for ayres.

You will read more here later.


  1. Atwell was Fabulous !

    Ayres is a doddering old idiot.

  2. I am sure Ayres is doddering-- hoping to make people feel sorry for him.

    Looking forward to what I am sure will be a very good report on the events of today.

  3. Yes, please post soon!

    You always have the best information!

    I can't believe the beast took the chair!

  4. Boy... now I'm feeling pressured...
    so much to write, don't know where to start...

    Did we mention that Atwell was great?

    ayres did dodder. And Weinberg Whined for him about his memory loss. Which I'm sure he'll pull out in force on cross.. but today on direct, there were only three, maybe four words that he "forgot" He was weird, but lucid... weirdly lucidly weird.

  5. Dr. William Ayres the man who marches to a different drummer. When asked about GLOVES he seemed to remember that they became important for Dr."s to wear after know...ahh,after that thing that virus you know whats it called..........AIDS, thats when gloves became important. His attorney Doron had to tell him it was AIDS. This is the sad joke that is being played to the jury. This man has been described as the Dr.'s Dr. and he is pretending he does not know about AIDS. That is called PERJURY.

    Welcome to San Mateo County

    Michael G. Stogner