Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Bacchanal Box

Today in the Baccahanal Box, supporting ayres were:

Solveig: looking tired.
Robert: looking tired and drawn, worn, ill. Geez.. I hope he makes it back to Chicago to keep putting on those mediocre plays!

And at the opening of ayres testimony, Weinberg questioned ayres about his family life, and they made a point of mentioning his wife several times, and then he lovingly introduced his wife and son. How embarrassing for them. So just to be clear, if you're married you can't be a child molester right? RIGHT? I hate that icky “used” feeling, but to each her own, I guess…

The Others:
Creepy Guy:
in a gray shirt with white stripes, checked pattern again. Did lots of creepy robot walking. Other people mentioned that he was creepy looking. Good to get the confirmation that my creepy detector is still functioning properly.
Granola Chick: looks paired with creepy guy.

Biker Hippy Mom and Daughter: both there.

Hey! No Thea or Sam Leavitt… maybe they’re huddled somewhere with Etta Bryant, all ooged out… finally.

Why do all of those law student types sit over there on the ayres side? Maybe it’s because the good guys had their side PACKED today??


  1. Weinberg should counsel his client that paying off traveling carnival workers to robot dance, cough, choke and wear weird attire and occasionally flash a massive breast tattoo is so not flattering!

    It must pay more than rolling cotton candy, or reading fortunes!

  2. Did they mention Ayres daughter Barbara, or was she left out for fear the jury would wonder where she is......I wonder

  3. Yes, they listed Barbara's name, but they kind of glossed over it quickly.

    I felt sad for her for a moment, but for the life of me I can't imagine why. I hope she has her own life, and that it's going perfectly fine without Solveig and william.

    Did you ever notice that it's always the "normal" person who's the family black sheep?

  4. Weinberg lost the jury with his attitude with Atwell & in general.

    He lost the jury even more by torturing them & all of us for 40 minutes by letting Ayres recount his whole life. The jury died after 15 minutes. No street cred gained there.

    When Ayres was asked by Weinberg if exam of genitalia is part of standard exam, Ayres was flustered and lost his nerve ever so briefly. Me thinks his own attorney busted him right there. I almost laughed out loud.

    Damn, I sat on the wrong side of he courtroom.

  5. Damn, I sat on the wrong side of he courtroom.

    Don't worry, we knew some of you were hanging out on our side, at least on the inside.

  6. Biker Hippy Mom's daughter was wearing a thin, tight pink shirt that showed off her belly rolls nicely.

    Hey, here's a tip: Maybe wash your shirt before court next time!

  7. Uh, a court room is not like a wedding where you sit in the prosecution or defense side....

    The entire world is not black and white--unlike your simplistic viewpoint.

  8. Actually, the people standing up for Ayres have been treating it EXACTLY like a wedding or family reunion. Very unbecoming.

  9. Yes Ayres family members or whoever they are are leaning on the wall, walking heavy, really doing any thing to be disruptive!

    It is very unbecoming. Although you may think that this has no effect on the jury, it might.

    It is hard to form opinions about people we are in essence an extension of the defendant.

    This is in no way jury tampering. It is a public trial and they are allowed to come in and do exactly as they please, including acting disruptive in the court.