Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Bacchanal Box - Thursday Edition

Today in the Bacchanal Box, supporting ayres were:

Solvig: quiet, confused looking, but Solveig has never appeared to be the brightest bulb in the box.
Robert: looking tired and drawn, dark bags under eyes, much less jaunty, looking in very poor health. "I'm not dead yet... I feel HAPPY, I feel HAPPY"

The Others:
Creepy Guy: in Light gray/white PINSTRIPE today... we've eschewed the checked pattern for a more modern look.
Granola Chick 1 and
Granola Chick 2: No idea where she came from, maybe she's been blending in well the whole time. Maybe Creepy Guy is attached to both somehow.

Biker Hippy Mom and Daughter: Still there, dressed a little more appropriately today. Good for them... top end trailer trash now.

UH OH: There's Etta Bryant, MD, bay area head shrinker who supports child molesting ayres again, back for more fun! And Thea Leavitt's there too! Both of them with their dour downturned tight lips, looking like between the two of them, they could generate a black hole of hate, sucking the entire room into non-existance.

At one point, a kindly gentleman went and asked Etta how she can live with herself. She gave an awfully dirty look, for a mental health professional.


  1. You forgot to mention the haircuts of Etta, Thea and Solveig.. All bitten and chopped off.

  2. Edward Scissor Hand's did the coiffures of these half n half's.

    They are not quite tradionally women are they?

    Muts at best......

  3. Nothing worse than a bad hair day.....I think Etta had a few nose hairs hanging out, maybe she can get Ayres to work on those over the weekend. He pretty much does it all, acne, poison oak, nose hair!