Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bacchanal Box - Closing Edition (Part 1)

Today in the Bacchanal Box:

The overall atmosphere was more party-like again in the box today. I’m sure they get a kick out of imparting such a care-free attitude in the face of such a serious occasion. It IS entirely possible that they’re happy to finally be rid of ayres, something I had not considered until just recently.

Solvig: quiet, confused as ever.
Robert: still looking tired and drawn.

The Others:
Creepy Guy: Still there, doing the robot walk. At the end of the day, he was overheard jauntily saying in a very loud voice: “Well what’s up for tonight? Dinner and late-night dancing?”

Awesome! I LOVE these people.

Granola Chick 1and
Granola Chick 2: Still there.

Granola Crowd: Several other Berkeley-looking sorts there today, with frumpy clothes and pagan beaded necklaces and bracelets. In my head, I picture these people to be shrinks who have typically eschewed any common sensibility.

Biker Hippy Mom and Daughter: Biker Hippy Mom dressing better yet. Must have gone shopping. Biker Hippy Daughter must have topped out on Thursday. Hint: Sleeves

Painter Guy: Some guy was there with paint all over his shoes, and pants, flannel shirt. Very outspoken in support of ayres, shook his hand, wished him luck, advised Weinberg on his case, It all seemed a bit overacted and frankly he looked to be in quite a bit of pain. Looked to be somewhere within the range of the many out-of-statute victims that have come forward.

Notably Missing: Etta Bryant. We keep hoping she’s getting the message that her support is damaging to ayres’ victims, and as a psychiatric professional she shouldn’t be doing that, but at this point, we’ve decided that her skull is too thick to allow rational thought to penetrate.

Apparently some of the really granola looking crowd were ACTUALLY Weinberg's mommy and possibly sister, who came to either fake the jury into thinking that there are people who like to hang out with ayres, or to bring Doron some milk and cookies for the break time, so he didn't have to wait on the elevator to go to the break room. Or something. Maybe she had his tutu dry cleaned and was bringing it to him.


  1. Maybe Etta was getting a shave.

  2. Ayres sure as some weird friends hanging around. He doesn't seem so elite to me....have his Hillsborough friends deserted him?

  3. Dr. Ayres memory was working really well today when Attorney Mr. Tobin made a surprise visit to the court room today. He is the attorney who successfully sued Aryes in the recent civil suit. Aryes lit up like one of those night search lights.

    Memory working fine.

  4. Maybe the painter guy is the one who painted Ayres house after he sold it for $2,391,000.

    Just stopped in to tell him how nice the house on Oakdale looks since it was sold to cover all the legal costs.

  5. Painter Guy was making a big point of trying to eavesdrop on the converstations of the victims' parents. He didn't stick around for the defense arguments, however.

  6. You were charitable in your descriptions, DS.

    They really did bring a bit of a picnic atmosphere to the solemn proceedings.

    I was very impressed by Mr. Tobin's appearance, and also Chief Susan Manheimer. Obviously they know the truth and have faith.

    As do I.

    The party will be over by the end of the week.