Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ayres' Money Problems: Letters Are Being Sent Out To Child Psychiatrists Asking for Money for Ayres' Defense

We figured Ayres was hurting for money but we didn't expect it be this bad: a number of child psychiatrists and psychiatrists have received letters from Ayres' pal Dr. Dick Shadoan and another shrink named Dr. John Dunne, who are soliciting money for Ayres' defense. Word is that the letter was most likely crafted by Doron Weinberg.
One psychiatrist received the letter from a UCSF email, and another email came from someone on staff at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. We have learned that the top officials at the AACAP are mortified and embarrassed to have any association with Ayres, but that hasn't stopped someone on staff from using the AACAP name to solicit money for Ayres.
Dick Shadoan was the guy who tried to get Ayres elected as President of the American Psychiatric Association( we notice Weinberg didn't mention that Ayres lost that election to Roderigo Munoz by a landslide.)
We notice that Shadoan and Dunne did not have the guts to show their faces when any of the victims of Ayres testified. In our opinion, these two doctors should be shunned.


  1. Do we have any copies of that letter?

  2. We will be getting a copy of that letter on Wednesday, July 15.

  3. Of course Doron Weinberg drafted it, he wants his money!

    You think working on a giant melanoma while tanning everyday is cheap.

    Who is tanner? Wayne Newton after he became an Indian or Doron Weinberg?

  4. In one way I am slightly happy to hear that Ayres has to pimp and pander for money.....

    On the other hand I find it disgusting that any healthcare professional would contribute to a fund just because a pedophile has an M.D.(or had).

    This , case would have been a slam dunk if Ayres pedophilia books were admitted.

    His blatant locker room fantasies are still commented on just like the cover on the book The Coming of Age.

    If he receives money for his wrong doing the medical profession is proving why the AMA spends nearly 5 million dollars a year promoting the reputations of doctors!

    It is a disgrace and insult to all patients.

    If Ayres has exhausted his funds he should "pierce the corporate veil" of the Peninsula Psychiatric Associates and take their personal assets as this is desrving considering they supported his criminal conduct for many years.

    Take Etta Bryant's house, I am sure she has full equity in it!

    Ayres is now a pimp!

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  7. I hope it's possible to get a list of those who donate.

    Probably a private matter though...

  8. Well if Solveig can't get a haircut soon, we know that nobody is donating......

    Maybe Solveig will get a job.

    I heard Il Fornaio needs a bakery worker. Also Kincaid's needs a dishwasher.

    Oh Etta Bryant needs a maid!

  9. Etta is always driving Thea Leavitt to her Waterworks Classes at the Highland Rec Center. Perhaps Solveig can volunteer to take over.