Friday, July 10, 2009

ayres' Lawsuit against his own medical group

Our good friend, Patient Advocate, over at at the Mills Peninsula Health Services Lawsuit Watch Blog has published a letter from the civil suit that ayres filed against his own medical group.

Find out about the Mystery Safe!

GoRead it!

(Ok... You'll know about as much as Geraldo knew after opening Al Capone's vault... but it is an interesting read!)


  1. I guess you can say it remains a mystery to many what was in the safe. Only the Beast had the combination, well it wasn't loads of cash!

    Flat broke.....

  2. I wonder what was in the last paragraph that was "redacted"....

    I understand on the first page they removed the victims name.

    The last page has a paragraph redacted. i wonder if it was the names of the partners.