Monday, July 13, 2009

Ayres and his Walker: Is it a Prop?

We just learned that Dr. Ayres attended a performance of "Porgy and Bess" in San Francisco about a month ago. Our spies say that he left his walker in the restaurant at the opera house and walked without his walker to his seat- quite a considerable distance. Our spies said Ayres had no trouble whatsoever walking without his walker.

What do you think? Is his walker a sympathy prop? Or a necessity for a frail old man?


  1. Personally, for me his face and body is a sympathy prop, he could lose the walker and get equally as much sympathy with his mug, someone once said he was most unfortunate in his looks, perhaps that is why he prefers to cover his face with hair.......eeeew.,

    His walker is a sham...he bought it at the Halloween Super Store!

  2. Maybe he has a multiple personality. And only one of them needs the walker.

    A little levity after all the heavy stuff.

  3. Probably the last show that beast will attend.

    I know a new opera called Poorboy and GleeClub.

    Poorboy is a flat broke former doctor convicted of child molestation.

    GleeClub sings in a choir and watches the movie Shawshank Redemption over and over.

    She plots to break Poorboy out of prison by hanging posters of photos by Will McBride on the wall of his prison cell and having Poorboy dig his way out of prison.

    The only problem is after Poorboy makes the tunnel something awful happens during his prison break he is so portly he gets stuck in the pipe!

    The prison guards had to enlist a rescue team to put Wesson oil in the pipe hoping to lube him up. Took over four days to get Poorboy unstuck from the pipe.

  4. I don't know if the walker is a prop, but Solveig sure is. As if he is -- or ever has been -- even remotely intimately involved with her. Talk about a sham marriage.