Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the Foreman Is.....

As many of us predicted, it's a man whom we have dubbed as "Burly Guy". He sat in the front row and wears shorts to court every day. He's in his mid-forties. He has a ruddy complexion, is well-fed and has a nice demeanor. We predicted he would be foreman when on one of the last days of closing arguments he made a "let's wrap-it-up" hand gesture to Judge Freeman when she asked whether the jurors wanted to take a break or just keep it going.

We started to really like him when he didn't take any notes when that gasbag witness for the defense, Gil Kliman was testifying. We think he is a great choice for foreman.

Word is that there are two nurses on the jury as well.


  1. Well, that is good, Burly Guy doesn't look like he would be pro-defense, and two nurses, that sounds very promising.....

    Thanks for the scoop.....

    Anybody thinking the verdict will be tomorrow?

  2. Two nurses? AWESOME!! No way they are going to be fool by all of this. A pair of mandated reporters don't/won't buy the defense's line of ca-ca.

    No way Ayres walks. No way.

    (I am also an RN, no longer practicing.)

  3. From what I saw, I thought Burly Guy would end up being the Foreman too.