Friday, July 3, 2009

ayres Trial - Week Five

William H. Ayres MD Child MolesterNew article for Today, Friday July 3rd below.
The jury will NOT be allowed to see Ayres' pedophile photo collection.
Witness list is sealed.

The Trial will resume on MONDAY, JULY 6th, 2009.

For those who can't make it to the courtroom on a daily basis, the fastest way to get information is through the Superior Court Clerk's office:
Phone number there: 650-599-1170
ayres' criminal case number:SC064366


  1. what are those little people on top of the words on these pix. i'm still trying toget that one

  2. Who are those little guys who are kicking at the bottom? They look like the Beatles.

  3. Well I know DS is not fond of the Jackson Five, so it can't be them.

  4. I looked closer it appears it's not musicians but dudes with brief cases, possibly a lawyer skipping with a case full of cash.....

  5. Ohh Adrian - you are clever. Those silly men at the bottom are from Monty Python's "Ministry of Silly Walks." Word is that when Robert Ayres was a wee lad, he used to break out into the Monty Python "silly walk" everywhere. In the eyes of a lot of kids - including the sons of another San Mateo child psychiatrist - this made Robert seem like one strange kid !

  6. San Mateo Daily Journal has unlocked the original Dr. William Ayres Arrested thread. Thank You


    has just posted a new Ayres photo gallery. It's hilarious. Some of us who have been listening to the wrenching testimony in the courtroom really appreciate the Patient Advocate's humor!

    Thanks PA!