Thursday, September 13, 2012

Defense Attorney Shafts Molester ayres Some More!

When last we left our little tale of Defense Shyster Jonathan McDougall, he had shanked the ball deep into the rough – thinking he was buying more time free from custody for child molesting client william hamilton ayres before yet another competency hearing, he actually ended up getting his client locked up in county jail for an extra month. (Not that we’re complaining!)

Well, it appears that in trying to drive the ball out of the rough, McDougall’s actually buried it deep in a bunker – and we’re talking fairway bunker, not a tame little bunker under the green:  Medical authorities are calling for ayres’ medical license to be permanently revoked based on his claim that he is incompetent.

McDougall will need a really decent sand wedge to cut through irony this deep!

WAY back in 2007, ayres had his license suspended due to the child molestation charges brought against him, and it was ordered that he cease and desist practice of medicine until further court order. (This suspension is still in effect.)

But the latest twist is that on August 8, 2012, Linda K. Whitney, Executive Director of the Medical Board of California has filed an “Accusation” against ayres’ license to practice medicine.  

The accusation calls for the revocation or further suspension of ayres medical license due to the fact that the court had certified that william ayres is suffering dementia, and that ayres is “unable to practice medicine with safety to his patients by reason of mental impairment” 

Yeah... because the whole molesty thing isn't a safety issue...

The accusation (if acted upon) calls for:
➲ Revoking  or suspending ayres’ Physician and Surgeon’s Certificate; 
➲ Revoking , Suspending, or denying approval of  ayres’ authority to supervise physician assistants;
➲ Ordering ayres , if placed on probation to pay the costs of probation monitoring;
➲ Allowing other actions as necessary.

It remains to be seen what will happen when the irony of history catches up with the medical board: 

Will they append their accusation with Napa State’s Certification of ayres’ competency? And will the Medical Board:
➲ Ignore the accusation and issue no ruling at all?
➲ Act on the accusation, revoking or suspending ayres’ license on the grounds that he is demented?
➲ Amend the accusation, revoking or suspending ayres’ license on the grounds of professional misconduct for faking his dementia?

Does any of this matter? 

It might… The defense will surely use ayres’ suspended or revoked license as grounds for reduction of bail, and possibly even to show juries that ayres is no longer a threat as he can’t practice medicine any more… as if revocation of a medical license will suddenly correct evil, deviant sexual proclivities, but a note in the revocation stating that it was revoked for cause... now that's something that could be helpful, assuming another jury ever sees this case.

Meanwhile defense tactics are sure to be yet another punch to ayres’ narcissistic ego. 

For additional coverage and perspective on ayres' licensing issue, have a look at the Psych Crime Reporter Blog.

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  1. Many defendants have been charged and convicted of faking dementia to avoid a trial.

    Will the San Mateo DA consider this? But then there's the very troubling evidence that they choseto ignore the private investigator's findings.

    Any other DA on the country would have been delighted that parents of victims had collected
    evidence that a defendant was competett to stand

    Not wagstaffe's office. They were angry. Wagstaffe acted like a scared rabbit when he was finally nailed
    and his lies that he was considering retrying Ayres in. a conversation with Supervisor Dave Pine were

    It is clear that the congenital liar Wagstaffe knew Ayres was competent but for reasons known
    to him, he didn't want to retry Ayres.

    Basically it all comes down money. Wagstaffe is terrified of lawsuits against the County

    Every juvenIle who was sent by the County to Ayres needs to fille lawsuits now.