Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jonathan McDougall Shafts Child Molester ayres!

Shyster attorney for william hamilton ayres, who has been charged with molesting many young boys while alleging to provide them with psychiatric care, has finally shanked the ball deep into the rough.

While arguing for ayres' release last week after a 9 month stay at Napa State Hospital, where ayres has been malingering; lying to the people of San Mateo County about his mental health, Jonathan McDougall was trying to buy YET MORE time for his client by claiming that he couldn't possibly be ready for a competency hearing by September 10th.

Thinking he was going to snake yet more time for his client to be out-and-about in San Mateo County, McDougall managed to get the judge to put the hearing off until October 1, with the caveat that he would probably have to delay EVEN FURTHER because of other pending trials.

This, IN SPITE of the the fact that the judge had already indicated that he was not inclined to set bail at all until after a competency hearing, AND that he was not inclined to force the County to incur more costs for ayres' Country-Club lifestyle at Napa State, where he wasn't accepting treatment anyway.

Instead, What Shyster McDougall got for his client was nearly an extra month in County Jail, while we wait for the competency hearing that McDougall himself got delayed!

From what I understand, life in PRISON is better than life in County lockup. This is GREAT news, even if short lived.

I'm betting that in the next weeks, we're going to be hearing plenty of motions from McDougall to try to break him out of jail early.

Wonder if suddenly, he's going to have all of his "research" done and calendar cleared by September 10.

And finally, a warm thank-you to Jonathan McDougall for letting us see your child molester be cuffed for just a bit longer.

For all of my faithful asshat lawyer readers out there: Yes, I know... If I'm ever falsely accused, I'll be eating my words, constitutional rights, blah, blah, blah...

But it really doesn't matter because in addition to being shysters, you're also whores.

If you take on a child molester for Ca$h, and can live with paying for your kid's college with blood money, you'll just as readily take ca$h from someone who calls you a shyster whore.


  1. Too funny!!! Wonder if Ayres is feeling nostalgic for old Weinberg right now?

  2. Oh, no doubt he will be probably filing motions tomorrow saying that his calendar has suddenly all cleared up?

  3. As a victim of Ayres, I'm also not a fan of the low class language and vernacular of Deep Sounding. Be objective. Everyone deserves representation and to call a defense attorney a whore is just plain ignorant. I told my wife last week: 'I wish Ayres would just die, already'.

    Your efforts are respected - lose the emotion...

    1. 1) I sincerely doubt that you are a victim of ayres.
      2) I never said that an accused person didn't deserve representation, your assertion otherwise is ignorant.

      3) There is no requirement that I maintain emotionless objectivity. This is personal to me, and would also be to you were you really a victim. I did not start this blog to be emotionless and objective. Further, there is no requirement that I do so to meet the requirements for your delicate sensibilities.

      4) There are other avenues you can pursue for information on the case. I strongly suggest you do just that.

      Point: Wishing the death of ayres is a bit emotional, no? You're allowed, but I am not? Hmmm what went wrong there?

    2. By the way: your google search indicates that you didn't know the correct spelling of 'ayres' until you got here. Why is that, exactly?

    3. I am also a victom of ayes and the language in this post isn't strong enough in my opinion. I was going to be a witness in the initial civil suit till they settled. I was sent to ayers by my pediatrician and know of at least two other patients recommended to ayers by said pediatrician that were molested.Thjis was in the early 1970's, why the medical community wasn't informed about the allegations against him I have know idea. I know that doctors who recommended ayers had no idea because my pediatrician was my father, and any use of the excuse of needing to do medical examinations of genital will never fly, because why would he hjave to do any medical evaluation of a pediatricians son, Think about it. Guilty as hell and he deserves no pitry or slack at all. I fell more affected by this crap now then I ever did growing up or or at all in the past 40 or so years ago when it happened. With all the accusers out there, all adults and most of us hopefully living productive lives. The county never even contacted me once about the case, even though there was a deposition from me in the civil case and I have made myself availabe numerous times. The whole thing is a crock of shit. If I find out that he doesn't do time I'll come back up to San Mateo and sit in front of wherever he is living with a sign saying that he molested me.
      David Gross

    4. Hi David! Thanks for your comment. This guy has commented here before and he doesn't react well to criticism of ayres' defense lawyers; ayres is never the real reason he's here. He seems to think that this blog should be an emotionless, objective report of fact in the case, as if the court proceedings are the only thing of import.

      I've always welcomed him to go elsewhere for news on the case.

      One thing I'm certain of: this guy is not a victim of ayres.

      San Mateo County seems to have very little interest in prosecuting child molesters in general, but so many county and court folks have been politically intertwined with ayres for so long, that we really can't expect San Mateo or the courts to secure any conviction.

      The incompetency thing was a gift for San Mateo, and the Doctors at Napa really screwed that gift up.

    5. First I guess I should apologize for spelling ayres namewrong myself this whole time, I guess he isn't worth getting ity right in my subconcious. Also I apologize for all my mispellings I usually write these remarks late at night if I am having trouble sleeping and with no spell check typing lying in bed is not to condusive to my typing. I wonder if the county could be sued for not getting the trial done thus taking away their worry of the cost of law suits, make it more expensive for them not to try the case then it would be to try it. Personally I have had more emotional anger over having this not being dealt with by the county than from the molestation itself. Maybe someone should call Nancy Grace, while I don't like her and she irratates the shit out of me, this case seems right up her alley. Its just the type of thing that she could get all indignant about, the way she did Sandusky. I also wonder why a lack of mental competancy real or not should preclude anyone from being punished for crimes they did when they were mentally competant. In my opinion all molestors and murderers are already menatlly incompetant in some form of thinking With as many victoms af ayres, if he was a murderer he might top the list of serial killers in numbers. How anyone could even consider him innocent is amazing with the number of victoms that have come forward, in cases like this there is a much higher percentage that don't come forward. On a personal note whiole ayres himself is to old for me to kick his ass I wouldn't mind running into his welp of a son and knockoing him out, the only reason ayres didn't do more to me was I was into katate at the time and after he tried to do his stuff to me I spent every session for 6 months once a week practicing karate in his office and never spoke a word to him, finally my parents realized if I wouldn't talk to him it was just a waste of money, even then he let them pay for about 24 sessions in which I never communicated with him at all before he told my parents it wasn't doing any good. I'd consider that a real lack of scruples he probably was afraid I'd tell my parents why. Since I never did and I was probably in the best position to do so shows how vulnerable young boys are, because they do not want to talk about these things, gay stigma and all. Well guess I got this out of my system till something up in San Mateo pisses me off again.
      David Gross

    6. My last post had to may charaters so here is the second half.
      I did contact Barbara Boxers office and asked her to look into the situation up there. My father was her kids pediatrician, to bad he never recommended one of her kids to ayres maybe something would have gotton done then. If the prosecuters have access to his old patient list maybe they should look for patients whose parents are promenant now. If I had not been contacted by my parents about the initial civil case when the parents of that victom contacted my father I never would have known that this whole thing was going on since I no longer live in San Mateo county, and I am sure many other victoms might have moved away and are not aware of it at all. Just a note on comment of the victom that doesn't like the language of the posts, I hope he dies to, but only if he dies in prison maybe like dahmer did would be nice. I want him to suffer and if that make me a bad person so be it one more thing ablut the language to the other poster, fuck you and if you don't like my language my name is at toe bottom I am not hiding come tell me personally face to face what you think and see where it gets you, proabably a hospital stay. I am lucky that I wasn't as affected as some of the victom though I will never believe of volintarily have any type of psychiatrict care, don't believe it ever helps just gets people addicted to going to shrinks who in my opinion are all psychiatrically messed up themselves and that why they get into the field. I'll talk to a bartender first anytime and it only costs me a tip and I get a drink with it. I'll stop my rambling for now.
      David Gross
      P.S. Here is my name I live in San Diego if you don't like what I say here I am and kiss my ass.

    7. Great posts, David Gross. Couldn't have said it better myself. Don't forget the juvenile boys who Ayres raped. Many of them are now in prison for life and don't even know Ayres was arrested. NO ONE in San Mateo County has bothered to find out how many juveniles Ayres raped and/or molested, and how many of them he punished by giving them harsh recommendations for California Youth Authority because they (like you) wouldn't let him touch them.

      That's why the County has dragged this case on for five and a half years, while every other District Attorney's office around the country has been able to get convictions of pedophile shrinks, pediatricians and Jerry Sandusky in under nine months. They don't want lawsuits. They don't want to admit that the County (including the San Mateo DA's office) shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars for forty years so that Ayres could rape boys.

      The entire crew: DA Steve Wagstaffe; Judge Marta Diaz; Judge John Grandsaert; Jerry Hilliard from the Juvenile Private Defenders; Myra Wiehr from the Private Defenders and attorney Kathryn Yolken need to be investigated by the Justice Department in DC. They've all defended and supported Ayres and haven't lifted one finger to help the juveniles who were molested by Ayres. No one wants to know just how many juveniles were wrongfully convicted because of Ayres.

      Oh, yes, and throw in James Fox, who used to work as a counselor at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall before he became DA. At least one boy under his care was molested by Ayres. But now Fox refuses to respond to that victim's letters, emails and calls.

  4. Mercury News story, October 26/ 2011:

    "In the end, they won," said Melissa McKowan, who prosecuted the case
    for San Mateo County and now faces a misconduct investigation by the
    California State Bar over allegations that she botched the case.


    Why on earth would any prosecutor make a remark like that? The parents were angered when they read it. She didn't put her all into the competency trial, and then just rolled over and gave up. She sounds relieved that he won....

    Shame on the San Mateo DA's office for their behavior all around - and especially for their insensitivity to parents and victims.

  5. Question O' the Day

    How many people does this aging man molest and/or rape now - especially if doing so helps him to think that he still has It? Here, It refers to a certain je ne sais quoi that this man has - to wit, his proven ability to con, control, frighten, and dominate others.

    Narcissists apparently do not take the age thing well . . .