Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Official: the DA Will Retry the William Hamilton Ayres Molestation Case

This out in the press on August 10th, 2009:
The DA's office will be going ahead with retrial. (Surprised?)

Lots of news stories out there, but the best two are here:
San Mateo Daily Journal
The Chronicle

On July 27th, 2009, the jury deliberation ended in no decision; a mistrial. The jurors were STRONGLY in favor of conviction on felony molestation charges by the end of deliberation.

There is a hearing scheduled for August 28th, 2009, at which time Judge Freeman will be officially notified by the DA's office about how they wish to proceed.


  1. So who is going to represent the good doctor this time around?

    Apparently that fundraising letter went over like a lead balloon among Bay Area psychiatrists.

    Anyone who donates money to Bill and Solveig should demand a full accounting of every penny spent - just as Ayres wanted a full accounting of money spent by the victim he settled with in 2005. Not that the judge agreed to that arrogant demand...

  2. And we knew this on August 4, compliments of a friend of ours.

  3. Well, Ayres better get out the good ole Yellow Pages and start looking for in the El Cheapo section for attorneys, like flying economy this time around!


  4. Well that is a lot for Ayres to look forward to. Another criminal trial and four pending civil suits.

    If that were me I would see myself drowning in a sea of lawyer bills.

    Justice takes time, hopefully this case will end with conviction on all charges.

  5. Whoever ends up being Ayres' lawyer, I'll bet you a bottom dollar that the lawyer won't let Ayres reminisce about being buck naked in the locker with other boys.

  6. "I'll bet you a bottom dollar that the lawyer won't let ayres reminisce about being buck naked in the locker with other boys.

    I don't think you can stop it. It just pours out; the classic example of verbal diarrhea. In a mere couple of hours he gave star examples of the very criteria for pedophilia. Only chance is to forbid him from taking the stand. God I hope he takes the stand again. What a perspective I got that day!

  7. In Freudian theory, the "id" is the division of the psyche that is totally unconscious and serves as the source of instinctual impulses and demands for immediate satisfaction of primitive needs.

    Having attempted to keep his id hidden from the public all of these decades, I'd say he uncorked it pretty good up there on the stand!!

    His testimony was a train wreck.

  8. Having said I hope he takes the stand again, I have to qualify that:

    His testimony was VERY good for ME personally. It was very much a revelation.

    I don't know whether or not it was great for the prosecution. But that was not something that they had very much control over.

  9. Game on!

    And by "game" I mean the game played by Ayres and his defense team. Bet we find out soon if Whiney is in for version 2.0. No Whiney=delay, delay, delay. Maybe holdout juror wants to represent the good doctor?

    I mean no disrespect to the brave men who already spilled their guts and showed their hearts and bravery, either on the stand or on this blog. I admire you, each one.

  10. I saw this very poignant post by
    "kotfrankl" over at the San Francisco Chronicle comment section

    He got them erect and played several minutes. More young men than can testify. One man refused to testify because he has buried it deep and doesn't want to revisit the experience, hurting so bad he has not been able to live. Now dead.

    Read more:

  11. "Child psychiatrist will be retried" the lead story in this evening's San Mateo Times.

    Front and top, in bold

    With a nice big fat picture of Ayres leaning "wistfully" (what a phony) on his walker.

    I am unable to find a link online...hopefully one of you more techno-sophisticated will be able to post it.

    This is good. FINALLY...this story is getting the attention it least locally...and that's a start.

    Nice going, Joshua Melvin.

  12. Josh Melvin is adorable, if I do say so myself.

  13. "Weinberg said he has not yet discussed the new trial with Ayres or whether he will continue to represent the former head of the American Association of Child Psychiatrists. But he did say that a new trial will be a tremendous burden both emotionally and financially for the Ayres family.

    "To the Ayres family, it's a tremendous ordeal," he said."

    This is very telling. I don't think Whiney will be representing Ayres!

    This is also from the Joshua Melvin piece.

    This was also the first time I saw a projected trial date of January of next year. That is disappointing.

  14. The statement that it is a tremendous burden emotionally and financially to the Ayres family raises my ire immensely!! What about the burden emotionally ---AND financially in some cases--to the victims and their families???? Where is any sympathy for them?? Not from Weinberg! I feel that the press in this case has not written enough about the pain and emotional upheaval the victims and family have gone through.

  15. The prosecution needs to hammer home over and over that Ayres' child psychiatry training in Boston did not focus on giving physical exams to boys in therapy. They need to hammer home that no child psychiatrist in this country does what Ayres did. Ayres is not a board certified pediatrician- he is there to treat emotional troubles.

    They should bring on a string of about ten shrinks from Harvard and Yale and have them all say that these genital exams are bogus and fraudulent and that they are not done by child psychiatrists.

  16. I wonder what Beverley, the recent law school grad who was the holdout juror for acquittal, thinks about the retrial.

  17. Ayres is alive - while many of his victims are dead by suicide or possible suicide. The families of these victims have suffered more than Weinberg or his client will ever suffer in this lifetime.

  18. I think we'll see Beverley again, sitting behind Weinberg at the various cases that he takes, fetching his coffee, yelling at dry cleaners, dusting his pulpit, and such.

  19. I am imagining that Beverley has decided to hang up the idea of becoming a lawyer.

    Knowing what she now knows, she can't possibly have confidence in her ability to process information.