Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Shenanigans

Well, we knew Shyster McDougall would wait until the 11th hour:

According to the San Mateo Daily Journal (pdf), ayres is now attempting to withdraw his plea (as was indicated on the 7th), claiming that now he Really, really, really, REALLY has dementia.

The judge set aside time on Monday and (I think) Tuesday for sentencing and anything from McDougall, and there are NO hearings scheduled between now and Monday, so no change to schedule. If we hear otherwise, we'll update. 

In any case, victim statements are still slated for Monday, as previously scheduled.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that victim statements will take place on Monday August 26th, as scheduled. It is possible that Shyster McDougall's motion will be heard on Monday as well. Sentencing proceedings will be decided based on outcome of the motion, but victim statements will be definitely be heard.

Here's video of ayres having lunch with two shrinks who are psychiatrists, one of whom (Larry Lurie) has written papers on Alzheimer's and its symptoms:

And here's video of ayres "back seat" driving for his wife just this past April, taken by private investigators at Moser and Associates:


  1. I think the magazine Ayres is reading so intently is Diversion magazine, a travel mag for doctors.

  2. There are more than likely Ayres victims currently housed at every California state prison. Many of them have seen reports about his plea on television.

    That's what liddle iddy baby Ayres is afraid of: facing these inmates whose lives he ruined when they were juveniles.

    He should man up and do his time.

    1. He should man up and do his time.

      * * *

      Are you kidding?

      Psychopaths are determined to always win. If you lose, they win. If they get away with committing crimes, they win. If they make you run around in fear of them or in circles, they win. Every day the pedophile in question successfully delays its sentence, it wins.

      This turkey will never be sentenced.

  3. And the psychopath had EVERYONE in San Mateo County fooled and under its spell for forty years. Even prosecutor Marta Diaz was in his pathetic thrall in 1992, when she told the attorney for a juvenile that Ayres couldn't possibly have molested his client, as she was friends with Ayres.

    Not a SINGLE person in San Mateo County had the good sense to make just a call to Judge Baker in Boston , to see if Ayres' claim was true that he was trained to do genital exams there. It was a lie, but no one in San Mateo County bothered to check. Sleepwalkers, all.

    Ayres ALMOST got away with it. And there's no doubt he thought he would go to his grave getting away with it. But then in 2002, the year it got its Lifetime Achievement Award for its tireless effort to improve the lives of children from the Board of Supervisors, a stranger called a journalist in New York and confessed that he had been molested by Ayres.

    Ayres didn't count on the fact that someone 3000 miles away from San Mateo would get outraged when they saw the look of anguish on the victim's face whenever he talked about the abuse. Ayres didn't count on the fact that someone who didn't know Ayres, and had never been to San Mateo would decide that Ayres was NOT going to get away with this.

  4. So, let's get this straight: From 1963-2003, San Mateo County was sending juveniles to Ayres.

    The juveniles are sexually assaulted by Ayres.

    Complaints are made by juveniles that Ayres molested them.

    San Mateo County -including a prosecutor in the DA's office by the name of Marta Diaz who tells an attorney for a juvenile that Ayres couldn't POSSIBLY have molested the boys, ignores complaints from juveniles for four decades and keeps sending boys to him until 2003. They only stop because that's the year that a victim filed a molestation suit against Ayres.

    Ayres' sexual assault on the juveniles makes them worse. They turn even deeper into criminal activity. They are desperate.

    The juveniles then grow up to commit major felonies: rape, murder, robbery.

    Ergo, the San Mateo County juvenile justice system and Ayres were a criminal-making factory.

    Ergo, San Mateo County MADE the juveniles who were sent to Ayres, despite many complaints about him, INTO rapists, murderers and other serious felons.

    The San Mateo County justice system was for forty years, a criminal making factory.

    How many men who were convicted in San Mateo County and who are now serving life or very long sentences, were molested by Ayres? Does Wagstaffe know or care that some of the men he insists are not ready to be released, even though it's long past their parole date, were actually victims of Ayres?

    More likely he doesn't want to know.

  5. Deep:

    Do you think Marta Diaz will come to the sentencing?

    How about Etta Bryant?

  6. Can ANYONE explain how Nidal Hassan, the Army psychiatrist and Fort Hood killer who was arrested seven months AFTER Ayres was sentenced BEFORE Ayres?

    There's rot and corruption in Wagstaffe's office. He must go.

  7. Is sentencing absolutely, positively still on for Monday, August 26, 2013, at 9 a.m.? Or can some last minute switcheroo occur between now and then? Anyone know?

    1. Absolutely On: Victim statements

      Possibly On: Defense Motion to retract plea due to dementia. This motion could also be heard at another time, depending on timing of victim statements and Motion(Guessing) (Tuesday maybe?)

      Conditional: Sentencing will occur after the Motion is resolved.

      So this could mean that we hear the motion, motion is denied, victim statements are given, and sentencing occurs on Monday.

      Or, it could mean that victim statements are given, and then everything goes on hold while the motion is argued, etc...

      Or anything in between...

      Only solid info: Victim statements will be heard on Monday.

    2. Judge has set aside all of Monday, and (I THINK) Tuesday as well, but the desire was to be done Monday.

    3. Deep: Coffee and donuts will be served to victims , families and friends in a conference room, second floor of courthouse at 8:15 AM on the 26th