Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Day on the Town

A Day on the Town 
    or: Why the F### is he free?

william ayres, accused child molester and confirmed malingerer, was out-and-about with his vapid wife Solveig yesterday afternoon.

Out on $900,000.00 bail, ayres accompanied his wife to the Trader Joe’s in San Carlos, CA.  He was spotted by astute Private Investigators from Moser and Associates: Surprised to see ayres  free from custody, they contacted us and graciously provided their photographs and video.

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As always, the sociopathic pair are unable to maintain the “demented” image they espouse in court for any length of time. Astute enough to maintain his usual disguise of a baseball cap and dark glasses, the molester peruses his latest news-rag while providing some driving lookout assistance to his barely-capable wife.

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Solveig is so obtuse, she looks over and smiles for the cameras recording the filth. Too bad she forgot to put on her bright red HussyBeacon lipstick from PriceCompany.

If you are one to believe that ayres is feeble minded, I know a person who might be able to sell you a nice bridge in New York.

It’s interesting to juxtapose the gaunt, Charles Manson-esque appearance that the press seems fond of displaying with these current photographs.
Ridiculous Press Photo
These photographs are clearly more consistent with the healthier weight, alert appearance, and careful grooming that I've been reporting for the last several hearings, while the news reporters have continued to fawn over the old frail, unkempt, man that ayres presented in his jail mug shots.

If you've believed the press reports of his frail state and looked at their pictures with sympathy, well, now you know that the press has led you around by your big brass nose-ring – Moo, moo, moo.

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New Car!

Looks like the $90K loss to the bail-bondsman is not an issue for the pair; they've picked up yet another new car!

Here’s a tip for police officers out there:  There’s a nice “Crystal Black Perl” Honda Fit driving around out there that likes to park itself

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(cockeyed) in handicapped parking spots with no handicapped tags on the plates or mirror hang-tag.

It’s Revenue Time, Boys in Blue!

Reality Check:

We’re hearing some initial evidence that there are men out there who are currently incarcerated, whose lives appear to have been made more difficult because when they were evaluated in San Mateo County for the juvenile court, they were exposed to sexual assault and child porn, and encouraged to participate on bribe of good reports to the court or required to participate on threat of damaging reports to the court.

The damage done by the molester is profound.

It is disgusting that many of us spend our lives trying to survive our mental and sometimes physical prisons, while this piece of shit and his whore are out enjoying a Friday evening jaunt to the local Trader Joe’s.

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

-special thanks to Moser and Associates for their alert attention to detail!


  1. Hats off to Moser and Associates!!

    Also, it looks like that $89,000 Ayres paid out to a victim last November didn't affect his finances either.

  2. It looks like Ayres is reading an article about Toronto. Planning an escape, perhaps?

    1. Ayres could be reading the February 2013 issue of Diversions magazine, the travel and leisure magazine for doctors. Diversions had a big feature on Canada in that issue. That could explain the "Toronto."

  3. Gee, he doesn't look nearly as merry as he did in that surveillance video at the San Francisco restaurant in 2011.

    He looks very angry.

  4. Uh, would you seriously leave someone who has Alzheimer's Disease alone and unattended anywhere - even for a second? I'm surprised that his face registers an apparent emotion. And he can read? Ipso facto, this alert, robust-looking, and obviously self-possessed actor doesn't have Alzheimer's Disease.

  5. Does anyone know if Ayres was friends with Dr. Ed Barthold from Menlo Park in the 1970s?

    If so, does anyone remember Ayres attending a birthday party for Barthold's son during that period?