Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7 2012 Hearing Update

On September 7, 2012 there was a hearing at 8:45am to discuss the matter of the competency of william hamilton ayres to defend himself against felony child molestation charges. According to the doctors at Napa State Hospital, ayres has been malingering; faking his dementia in order to avoid prosecution, but ayres' defense attorney still insists that he is demented.

The hearing this morning was mostly procedure.

The pervert child molester was not present in the courtroom, out on a 977 waiver, and all of the idiot family members were also not present. There didn't appear to be any press.

The prosecution has requested records from "Queen of the Valley Hospital" and these were provided to the court to be turned over to the defense and prosecution. MRI records seemed of the most interest to all parties.

The defense attorney reported that he is still in trial in his other matter, but that it was possible that they would be ready for the October 1 competency hearing, but maybe not.

According to the prosecutor, defense attorney McDougall has been texting her with some frequency about his current trial status (allegedly.) They will keep the court apprised of any impact that McDougall's other case might have on the start of the competency hearing.

Also of note: there was discussion about back-and-forth confusion about allowing original court appointed doctors to have access to ayres for current interview / assessment. Confusion seemed to center around who was going to pay them. Prosecution and the judge worked it out: The judge had already ordered that the doctors be allowed access, but today clarified that the court would not pay the doctors, the doctors will be paid by the DA. (If you recall, defense weasel denied access to ayres unless ordered by the judge, so at the last hearing, the judge ordered that they have access.)

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