Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Father Michael Kelly Case: New Victim Files Molestation Suit

UPDATE January 14, 2014:
Kelly has just been CRIMINALLY Indicted, and request for extradition from Ireland has been filed.
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We posted back in April about the case of Father Michael Kelly, the priest who was found liable for raping a boy when he was 12 years old at Annunciation School,  in Stockton, California  in the mid 1980s.

Before that trial had ended, Kelly had fled to Ireland, where he remains in hiding today.

Today, the press is reporting that a second victim has filed a molestation lawsuit against Kelly. The victim, who is now 24, alleges in the suit that the incident occurred at Saint Andrew's Church in San Andreas, California in the early 2000s, when he was a 12 year old altar boy.

Good video of the victim's attorney, John Manly speaking at a press conference on September 12, 2012 asking for a criminal prosecution for Kelly:

Meanwhile, the Calaveras County Sheriff's office is continuing to conduct a criminal investigation into Kelly. 

We know there are many other victims of Kelly out there.

We are asking them to contact Sgt. Chris Hewitt at the Calaveras County Sheriff's office: 209-754-6500

Victims should also contact attorney John Manly in Irvine, California. Manly  won the civil suit against Kelly for the Annunciation victim, and is representing the second victim from San Andreas.

Attorney John Manly: 949-252-9990

Our initial post on Kelly: To Victims of Father Michael Kelly of Stockton; Lockeford; Modesto; Sonora; San Andreas and Ceres, CA: Please Come Forward

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  1. Surprised there are not comments here. Have posted several over at under moniker Cadavera Vero Innumero. Coming here late.

    What's striking in this San Andreas case is the admission (warning!) from the plaintiff's attorney that Repressed Memory will not be used. The boy (and that is an accurate descriptive to use since there has been a certain amount of "arrested development") will be narrating clear and present events. That should make the court proceedings explosive. Listen for those small telling details that will ignite that explosion.