Friday, March 16, 2012

Opinion: ayres' Imminent Release

According to court documentation, as uncovered earlier today by Victoria Balfour, william hamilton ayres, who molested many young boys while alleging to provide psychiatric care and/or juvenile evaluations for the County and Courts of San Molesteo, has asked for his daughter, Barbara, to take conservatorship with regard to his person, specifically with regard to medical care and placement. Estate conservatorship is not indicated. ayres' attorney Scumbag McDougall states that ayres felt that his daughter "possessed the knowledge and skills needed to do a great job" Further, Scumbag indicates that ayres seeks the "least restrictive placement appropriate for his needs." Well, we certainly hope that the molester's needs are being met. Maybe the DA and Court can provide a steady stream of expendable 9 - 12 year old boys for his enjoyment too. I wonder if Barbara will turn a deaf ear as everyone else seems to have.... 

The court documents essentially are the release of ayres, fait accompli. They present ayres as a patient on leave of absence from Napa State Hospital, and that ayres requested that his daughter be his conservator.

Documents show that he expressed reluctance to be sent home to live with his wife, or in a residential setting. The documents show that ayres has preference to be established in a “secured perimeter residential care facility.” This is probably to appeal to the court’s mercy, to show that he still thinks he’s demented, and needs medical supervision. (I guess so that he doesn’t wander off in his demented state, and accidentally molest more boys.)

Solveig, ayres’ trashy wife, agrees with the arrangement, and daughter Barbara Ayres is also OK with the arrangement, and everyone has signed paperwork saying so. The documents state that Solveig is not party to any action against the conservatee, such as divorce, etc…

No bond is required for this arrangement.

The documents state that ayres is “adjudged to lack capacity to give consent for medical treatment.” YET: they state that he is allowed to complete an affidavit of voter registration, and according to the documentation, ayres’ physician Dr. Telfer states: “ayres has the capacity to give informed consent about his medical care. Deficits exist in Memory and information processing and thought disorders
The documents further state that ayres is healthy enough to be present at the conservatorship hearing, but he is not required to be there. He states that he will NOT be there.

According to Valerie J. Samuel, Ph.D.:

The most typical diagnoses given for those with thought disorders are:  Schizophrenia and Psychosis. The symptoms of Thought Disorders can include false belief about self or others, paranoia; hearing or seeing things that others don’t see; extremely disconnected speech or thinking; feelings that don’t match the situation; social  isolation; being unable to function at home, or school; odd behavior; excessive concerns about one's body or very disorganized behavior. 

In relaying the information, ayres’ attorney, Scumbag McDougall also states that he has “found that his status has deteriorated since Dr. Telfer’s declaration, and since my representation over the past two years.”  This is especially important given Scumbag McDougall’s renowned prowess as a medical doctor, with his degree from ImNotAFuckingDoctorButILookPrettySoTheCourtShouldBelieveMe University.

Fucking loser whiner ayres is taking antidepressants and painkillers, because he’s having such a hard time dealing with his sorry lot in life. Must be stressful, not having easy access to young boys.

On Wednesday, April 25th 2012, the conservatorship status will be presented to the court, and on Friday, April 27th 2012 , I assume Scumbag will be presenting his request to release ayres. The DA will wave their hands in objection (possibly), and then the court will shit on all of ayres victims again.

Hey, Barbara: Congratulations, now you're glamorous too! All you have to do is stand still and look stupid...

Continue on to the post below this one for additional details, and the original links to the court documents, etc. Also note that Victoria details the meds that ayres is taking, according to the public documents.


  1. Yes, the documents state that Ayres is physically able to attend the hearing. He also sounds like he knows exactly what's going on.

  2. any word on the status of FBI, Justice Dep, or Ca. Bar Assoc. investigations?

  3. California Bar is still ongoing. Don't know what's going on with FBI because they won't tell you anything. Justice Department in DC has only very recently been contacted.

  4. Posted in comments section under Glenn Beck's program on Ayres ("This Monster", as Beck calls him)on Youtube:

    "My son was a patient and sadly parents like myself go to Dr. Ayres for help.
    He has ruined my son's life and yes his credentials made me believe him instead of my son.
    He is a sick man and thank u Glenn Beck for doing this story. I wish I had found it earlier.
    I know first hand that kids do not want to come forward. We will never get over this sick man."

  5. Another man who was molested by Ayres when he was in juvenile hall has just come forward.