Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fuck You, Joe Paterno

Heartless Coward: Deleted 1/22/2012
Buh bye, now. Satan will enjoy your services in Hell.

Read: Post on; says it very well.

And for those who don't understand why this post is here: Go read "F**K Joe Paterno" on DailyKos. It hits the nail on the head, and drives it all the way in, all in one blow.

My earlier post on the issue: Click Here.

UPDATE 01/24/2012: The author of the "F**K Joe Paterno" Post on the Daily Kos site (which I linked to above) has decided to counter Penn State's memorial service for Joe Paterno with a tribute post for victims of child abuse. If you haven't read her original post, please do so now, it's really a VERY good article. She has this to say about creating a tribute page:

I had an idea occur to me this morning though. This was the part of my diary that I felt most impassioned about:

I'm one of the lucky ones. I am unlike the millions of kids who never escape from the cycle of psychological torture and self inflicted violence- the kids and adult survivors who kill themselves, either directly or indirectly. The ones who never make it out ok.

And when they die, they don't get photo layouts, or tributes. They are faceless. They are nameless. They are forgotten.

Well, this Thursday, I want to change that.
(SwedishJewfish /
She's also talking about setting up a fund for donations to RAINN

Go read her instructions for the tribute. Deadline to send her names/photos of people you'd like to include is some point tomorrow (1/25/2012) evening.  (Please do so ONLY with some level of anonymity, unless you are sure that you are qualified to use their names, photos, etc...) 


  1. From news story on Paterno interview:

    He reiterated that McQueary was unclear with him about the nature of what he saw—and added that even if McQueary had been more graphic, he's not sure he would have comprehended it.
    "You know, he didn't want to get specific," Paterno said. "And to be frank with you I don't know that it would have done any good, because I never heard of, of, rape and a man."


    Paterno never heard of "rape and a man" Gimme a break. He was Catholic. He never heard about the priests sex abuse scandal, where the priests were raping kids right left and center?

  2. Judge Marta Diaz; Dr. Mclane Johnston: Dr. Al Giannini; ; all of Ayres' former partners, including Hugh Ridlehuber- all failed to report Ayres to authorities as they were mandated to by law.

    And Judy Knowlton, the social worker whose name is on victim Greg Hogue's complaint report- for criminally continuing to allow boys to be sent to Ayres- right up until January 2003.

    Marta Diaz needs to be investigated for sending boys to Ayres a full 15 months after she knew the police were investigating him. She needs to be removed from the bench and disbarred immediately.

  3. Add forensic psychologist Al Fricke to the list. Fricke - who worked with Ayres on cases- told a San Mateo psychiatrist long before Ayres was arrested, "Get me drunk and I will tell you stories about Bill Ayres."

    When news reports came out in 2006 that the police had raided Ayres' home, this psychiatrist contacted the San Mateo police to tell them what Fricke had said.

    But the cowardly amoral Fricke refused to return the calls by the police officer. Fricke is a mandated reporter, just like Dr. Al Rainieri (not Giannini) and Dr. Mclane Johnston.

    In Philadelphia, a priest is on trial for failiing to report the molestations perpetrated by another priest.

    The Justice Department in DC needs to launch an investigation into the extensive covering up of the dozens and dozens of complaints by Ayres victims, dating back to the 1960s, and the shocking failure of the mandated reporters to report Ayres. Dr. Rainieri told the mother of a victim that other doctors had been hearing about Ayres and boys for years, but they just stopped sending boys to him instead of reporting him.

    The DA's office - which has been under investigation by the FBI- is a party to this as well.