Thursday, November 10, 2011

Evil Breeds Evil

There is something very wrong with people.

We seem to collectively want to turn our heads and deny horrors when they happen around us. There is evil stalking us, and we let it in to invade any shred of reasoning capacity we may have, we celebrate its very existence, rather than face it down, and stop it.

To be sure, the real evil takes up housekeeping in the empty husks of bodies that were intended to house human beings.  Creatures like Jerry Sandusky and, indeed william ayres, roam the earth, creating suffering and damage that will perpetuate itself, generating fresh fodder for further exploitation and damage.

Sandusky of course, is the Penn State assistant coach who established “The Second Mile,” a charitable foundation to help provide “care” for foster children, and who now stands charged with anally raping a ten year old boy in the college facilities. There are at least 8 people who have officially come forward as victims. I would be shocked if his body count was NOT in the hundreds. It has been widely speculated (with good reason) that Sandusky founded the charity to help him obtain victims.

But here's the rub:
Penn State had a whole host of management who could have put a stop to the evil, but instead, they looked evil square in the eye, and invited it in to their house. It started with Mike McQueary who claims that he actually witnessed Sandusky anally raping a young boy in the facility’s shower.

Here’s what one of the mothers of the victims had to say about Mike:

“I don’t even have words to talk about the betrayal that I feel,” said the mom of Victim Six. “[McQueary] was a grown man, and he saw a boy being sodomized ... He ran and called his daddy?”

After Mike called his daddy, likely already fearful (and possibly advised by daddy) of the prospect of seeing his own career besmirched for reporting the beast, he again failed to do the FIRST thing he should have done: either beat Sandusky to death, or call the cops.

Instead he talked to other coaches, who talked to other university officials, and none of them had the courage to do the right thing. They all stared into the headlights of their precious careening reputations, and now, instead of being heros, the likes of Penn State athletic director Tim Curley, Vice President of Business and Finance Gary Schultz, coach Joe Paterno, and Penn State President Graham Spanier are just another line of cowards who gave up a bit of their soul in exchange for the privilege of running defense for tangible evil.

And we get to watch the evil continue to infect and infest, as dim-wittted Penn State students rally, and even riot on Paterono’s behalf, showing evil support for a coward too blinded by his own fame to see the damage he’s let be done.

As the rioting in Paterno’s behalf started, he made some statements:

He told a crowd of supporters: "Pray for the [sexual abuse] victims," he told the crowd. "We love you."

BUT: He also issued a statement, obtained by Fox News, saying that he was disappointed with the board's decision but would have to accept it.

Heroic statement of support and contrition it is not… It just shows that he clearly doesn’t understand the evil that was wrought while he ran defense for the Devil.

The impact that this kind of crime has is very painful and difficult to describe, but  Dr. Keith Ablow does a good job of hinting at it in his article in Fox News. It doesn’t deliver the full breadth and depth of the impact, but it touches upon the tip of the iceberg:

When a child is made to participate in a sex act with an adult, it leads to intense feelings of fear and guilt and betrayal, which can easily color his or her entire existence.

These feelings are often suppressed. Hence, they can crop up in devastating ways later on: in the inability to trust any authority figure, in a tendency to avoid feelings at all, in literally slipping away from reality (dissociating), in attempts to suppress memories and feelings using alcohol and illicit drugs, in attention deficit disorder, in major depression, in sexual disorders and in suicide.

The evil persists. 

There are similar players in the william ayres story as well: 

Family memebers Solveig and Robert ayres, Shrinks Etta Bryant,  Robert Kimmich,  Larry Lurie, and all of the others who asked for financial support for the Devil himself are all good examples of evil at work, There are others.  People who are supposed to defend against evil and alert the public about its reality look the other way, and twist the truth to distract from the damage done by evil.

The stench and decay spreads, and true heros are few and far between.

Evil always has the last laugh. After you willingly sell your soul protecting Evil, it exposes you for what you really have become.

BY THE WAY: Here's an EXCELLENT article about what TO DO if you encounter child sexual abuse, by Michael Reagan. He gets it EXACTLY right, and in the right order of priority. 

AND: another nod to Victoria Balfour for being one of the few and far between.


  1. Michelle Durand pontificates about the Sandusky scandal today in the Daily Journal, but she's never written about the fact that the same thing happened in San Mateo.

    As stated earlier, a 90 year old psychiatrist in Menlo Park told me a month ago that he'd been hearing about "Ayres and boys" for the last 50 years. He said that doctors didn't "want to get involved by reporting Ayres."

  2. Read the Grand Jury report folks you will find out that jopa knew since at least may 99. That is when he told sanducky he wasn't getting the job and he retired. Apparentlythere had been rumors for years prior to the 1998 investigation by University Police whom we can assume reported to jopa that sandusky confessed and apologized to the mother.
    Then another man a janitor witnessed him abusing a boy in the shower in 2000. He was afraid for his job and now has dementia but he did tell his coworkers. Then the 2002 incident which mcqueary reported to jopa. Even if it was the garbled uncertain message he wants us to believe, he knew of the prior in 98 and probably in 2000 so should have connected the dots and taken action but he didn't. So here we are now 13 years after jopa and so many others knew about this mans predeliction for boys and did nothing to stop it or at least to get him kicked out of that personal victim supplier system he set up.
    The report indicates there were 8victims since 94. He was 50 then and since this is not a midlife crisis sort of change a man makes we can safely assume the previous 30+ years are littered with victims.


    As in the ayres case; "The only thing it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."

  3. Exactly so, C.

    There are still people at the institution who need to be expunged for doing nothing. Time will tell if Penn State is going to do the right thing, or continue to hide from reality.