Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Go out and Vote!

Hey, I've been terribly remiss in not mentioning someone lately:

Michael G. Stogner

If you're in San Mateo County, and you're registered to vote, you probably just got a vote-by mail ballot for a County Board of Supervisors election. You probably also have received tons of fishwrapper ads and spam email from Gina Papan. (Wish I had *THAT* kind of money.)

Anyhow, Michael Stogner is one of the candidates. I like Stogner. He's been a CONSTANT supporter of the families and victims of william ayres, showing up for hearings and trials. He's posted updates on various forums that the victims watch for updates on the case. He's been an outspoken victim's advocate, and hasn't been afraid to criticize the D.A and the Sheriff for their shortcomings.

Here is a brief set of talking points from Michael G. Stogner's website:

  1. YES on a balanced budget.
  2. YES on pension reform, immediately.
  3. YES on consolidation of fire services on a county-wide basis.
  4. YES on Redwood City's Downtown Precise Plan development project.
  5. NO on High Speed Rail in San Mateo County.
  6. NO on Cargill’s “Salt Flats” project.

In a recent interview with MenloParkPatch, Michael was asked by Vanessa CastaƱeda: "What would you prioritize if you got voted in?"

Michael's answer:

Obviously the most important one is the budget and also the unfunded pension, not that one supervisor could make anything like that happen.  The very first thing I'd do is make a motion to rescind the citizen of the year award that the board of supervisors gave to Dr. William Ayers. The man allegedly molested hundreds of boys in San Mateo County. [Michael comments later that it was the "Lifetime Achievement Award" that was give to ayres, not "Citizen of the Year"]

I'd urge you to go look at his website, and then go fill out that box next to his name on your ballot,  and send it in!   

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