Monday, January 10, 2011

Urgent Breaking News

URGENT, Breaking News:

Joshua Melvin at the is now reporting that one of the two doctors who said that ayres was competent to stand trial has now changed her mind based on a follow up exam in December.

ayres' attorney thinks that it's enough to stop the molestation trial, McKowan does not.

Melvin is also reporting that Jury selection is put off until FEBRUARY 18th, which is when the third report is due back. (This is in conflict with plans that were made in court this morning, so we'll have more information on that tomorrow, hopefully...)

Read it over at the

1/11/2011 Tuesday Update: 
As of this morning, the San Mateo Daily Journal is also reporting that the judge has put the trial on hold pending a third report due FEBRUARY 18th.

An astute reader has pointed out that the newspapers are reporting FEBRUARY 18th... I missed reading the month in both news reports.

So it looks like we have yet another delayed delayed delay.


  1. Deep,

    If I am correct the paper said the trial was on hold until FEBRUARY.
    Again, the paper said just before noon yesterday the doctor changed her mind about his compentency.

    This is getting ridiculous.

  2. Hmm...

    It already GOT ridiculous long ago.